Tom's 4 Car Garage in Massachusetts

Tom lives in Hubbardston, Massachusetts. In this area of the country, it is common to get 18 inches of snow at a time. Shoveling out the cars so he could plow the driveway was very inconvenient! He needed a garage to keep his vehicles out of the weather and to store equipment and tools he used around the property. After some extensive research, he decided to purchase a prefab 4 car garage from Hometown Structures in Westfield, Massachusetts. Here is his story!

Tom’s Search for a 4 Car Garage

In early 2020, Tom started searching for a detached garage. He originally wanted a post and beam garage built on site like his house. However, the pandemic hit and lumber prices skyrocketed. This made a post and beam garage prohibitively expensive so Tom started searching elsewhere. After talking with several people he decided to purchase a four-car garage from Hometown Structures.

Tom said Hometown really listened to him during the design process. “I went back and forth with Joe probably ten times before we came up with any of the plans.” The original design had three garage doors. He decided to go with two large doors so he could avoid clipping a vehicle mirror or his tractor doors.

Tom’s Requirements For A 4 Car Garage

4 car garage

“Hometown had a little better quality of materials.”

Tom did meet with other builders but chose to purchase from Hometown Structures. “Hometown had a little better quality of materials,” he said. “The roof is ⅝” plywood, other people had half-inch plywood. You didn’t always get plywood underneath the shiplap. Just a bunch of little things like that.”

Tom was also looking for one person to take responsibility for everything of everything. “I didn’t want a bunch of finger-pointing, well, no, he didn’t do the foundations right, oh the garage door is his fault. So that was one of the reasons I went with Hometown.” Hometown got the building permit, did all the work, took care of all the subcontractors, and got the final sign-off. This made his purchase a breeze!

How Tom is Using His 4 Car Garage

“I also built it bigger so in retirement I can do what I want to do.”

Tom’s Kubota tractor is happy to call his garage home. With 18 acres to care for, there is always something to do with the tractor. A one-ton pickup also sits in the 4 car garage for plowing snow, and his wife stores her car in the garage. He kept his future plans in mind during the design process. “I built it bigger so in retirement I can do what I want to do.” A 30 X 40 garage gives him plenty of space for every hobby he decides to take up during retirement.

Tom’s Advice to Prospective 4 Car Garage Buyers

“If you want to do your homework up front, you will save yourself a lot of time money and aggravation.”

“If you want to do your homework up front, you will save yourself a lot of time, money, and aggravation.” According to Tom, it is better to “Spend the time and do a little research, figure out what you want, and everything then will come out better.” Everyone has different needs and design tastes when it comes to detached garages. While Tom wanted a 4 car garage, you may not be sure what you want. You can check out this article comparing prefab garages and garage kits to kickstart your detached garage research.

Toms’s experience with Hometown Structures

“They were all about quality.”

4 car garage interior

“I would recommend Hometown Structures because they are always available for you. From the beginning to the end anything you had questions on, anything you need to discuss, …. I would just call or text Joe and he would get back to me.” One thing that is important to Tom is quality workmanship. “They take the time to make sure everything is straight. There is not a bunch of little pieces of lumber for the sides where the garage doors are or anything like that.” As Tom said, “They just take their time and do it the right way. A lot of the guys are just gonna be banging the stuff up there to try and do it as fast as they can. That’s not what these guys were all about. They were all about quality.”

“They take the time to make sure everything is straight.”

Get Your Detached Garage in New England

two story garage

Are you tired of cleaning snow off your car in the winter? Is your tractor stored out in the elements? Do you want a woodworking or mechanic shop? Your equipment and vehicles are investments worthy of protection and maintenance. Let our team build your dream garage!  At Hometown Structures, we break down the steps and help make your buying experience a breeze. You need a structure and have priorities. We help by creating a structure that meets your expectations. Our professional team is available and ready to assist! Start by requesting a free quote or contact us. We begin by offering beautiful designs that you can customize to your style. Our garages are built locally in Massachusetts with no hidden fees or pricing gimmicks. Today is the day to get the garage you always dreamed of! And don’t forget to check out these ideas on maximizing your garage’s space.