34 Garage Storage Ideas For Maximizing Space

Keeping certain areas of your home clean can be unreasonably difficult. If the words shed, garage or attic brings up pictures of clutter and mess…this is exactly where you should be. We will take a look at some practical garage storage ideas that will allow you to organize the items in your modular or traditional garage efficiently and safely!

How Do I Organize My Garage Efficiently?

Here are eight garage storage ideas to keep in mind as you begin trying to organize efficiently:

  • Clear The Floor

Clutter on the floor can really hinder your progress as you try and sort through your garage. It is a really good idea to get the floor cleared, even if that means putting things in places they won’t stay. This will give you room to maneuver as you sort through the sections of your garage.

  • Tool Racks

Tool racks are perfect for giving some organization to different-sized tools. Hanging them on your walls is going to be much better than simply putting them in a trash can or bin. You will be able to see all of the tool options and access them easily.

  • Install Shelves

Shelves are another way to capitalize on wall space. They create new surfaces that don’t get in the way of the precious ground space. Shelves can hold anything from sports equipment to books you will never get around to reading.

  • Workbench

This simple table is an amazing home for all your “current projects.” Not only can you work on different things on the tabletop, but you can also store other items underneath. You can even put them in cabinets below!

  • Pegboard

These wall pieces are another way to hang tools and items. A pegboard can be a small addon to a workbench or an entire wall of your garage. With metal hooks, you can hang large equipment or each individual tool.

  • Overhead Racks

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These racks are one of the less talked about ways to maximize space in your garage. They can hang from the garage ceiling in a place of your choice and hold a significant amount of weight. These racks are handy for items that may not be used more than 1-2 times a year.

  • Home For Every Piece

Whether you decide to take the above tips or try your own, the most essential of the garage storage ideas is to make sure everything has a home. Whether it “looks” organized to anyone else is beside the point. Do you know where everything is, and can you get to it with ease?

How Do I Maximize My Garage Storage Space?

Everyone wants to maximize their storage space, from big garages to small garages. Here are a few specific garage storage ideas to make sure you are using your space to its fullest potential!

Garage Storage Ideas For Screws & Nails

These small tools can get away from us a lot of the time. Here are a few great ways to organize your screws and nails. 

  • Jars

You can use jars to easily separate sizes or styles of nails and screws. These are not expensive, so you can also purchase extra for other small items you may need to store.

  • Bins

These can be utilized on a table or even on a pegboard. This keeps your nails and screws within easy reach and keeps your hand from getting stuck in a jar. 

  • Portable Organizer

You may have purchased a set of nails in a portable organizer or received one as a gift. These can easily be saved and used to store your fasteners for years!

  • Drawers

Whether located on a tool cart or simply beneath your garage table, store your nails and screws in drawers, so they never get lost. 

  • Plastic Containers

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This is an excellent DIY storage solution for your small fasteners. You can take any plastic container that had any purpose and cut a part of it to suit your needs. Whether an old yogurt container or souvenir cup from a theme park…turn them into free ways to store your nails and screws! Or you can purchase these from any hardware store. 

Garage Storage Ideas For Lawn Equipment

Lawn equipment can begin to take up a lot of space the more extensive your yard is. There just seem to be so many tools and items you need to be able to take care of your lawn. Here are a few good ways to save space and store them well!

  • Under Table

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You can collapse your pushmower handlebars and store it under a table in your garage, so it doesn’t take up new space. You can also put hooks or supports in-between your table legs to hold things like; rakes, tillers, shovels, + more!

  • Hanging Mower

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If your mower is able, you can try hanging it or propping it against the wall. Make sure to check before you attempt this. You don’t want oil and gas leaking over your floor.

  • Shelves

You can put weed killer, grass feed, and tools on shelves in a specific part of your garage. This allows for less clutter to be in multiple places at once.

Garage Storage Ideas For Tools

Big tools need to be in a place that you remember and that keeps them safe. Drills and saws are not on the cheap side. Here are some ways to make sure they last by storing them well.

  • Hanging Tools

We’ve said it once, and we will say it again…utilizing a pegboard is a great way to store a myriad of tools. You can hang saws, drills, and other power tools from the hooks that are embedded in the pegboard.

  • Shelves

Shelving for your tools can give them the space needed to be off the floor and in a specific place. This can be permanent or moveable shelving as long as it’s sturdy. 

  • Cabinets

Cabinets can be a great built-in option to store your tools. You can keep varying sets in different cabinets and even have them plugged in through the back of the cabinets when not in use. 

  • Drawers

Drawers are our go-to way to store our bigger tools, but if drawer space is what you have, it can definitely get the job done. The best tools to keep in drawers are things like screwdrivers, ratchets, hammers, wrenches, and other similar-sized items.

Garage Storage Ideas For Bikes

Bikes are another one of the things that just seem to take up a lot of real estate in the garage. Floor space is so limited that it may be wise to try one of these options for your bikes!

  • Hanging Tire

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Bikes can hang vertically on your wall via the metal spokes of your bike wheel. This allows for minimum wall space to be taken up as well since bikes are thin and long.

  • Hanging Body

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You can also hang your bike lengthwise on your garage wall. This will allow you to put one bike on top of the other and normally takes 2 “hooks” per bike.

  • Bike Stand

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 A stand is one of the moveable bike garage storage ideas. The stand acts as an extra wall but saves your wall space if you want to utilize it for something else.

  • Ceiling

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Hanging your bikes from the ceiling isn’t option #1, but it is a viable choice nonetheless. You can choose to hang it by the handlebars and seat or suspend it by the body. Either way, you are saving floor and wall space.

Garage Storage Ideas For Shoes

Shoes are the one thing we think we need more of and then never have space for. A garage is a great place to store all of your kicks, but what is the best way to do it?

  • Shoe Rack

A rack is one of the most popular ways to store shoes in a garage. You can make these yourself or buy a big enough rack to support your family’s shoes.

  • Low Shelves

Shelving that isn’t necessarily off the ground very much is a great shoe storage solution. These low shelves don’t become eyesores, but also take your shoes out of the pile in the garage. 

  • Cubbies

Remember cubbies? The classic storage solution for kindergarteners. They are just big enough to also work perfectly as shoe storage options. Putting cubbies in your garage can also store more than just shoes if you have the space for it!

  • Door

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If you have a closet or other type of door in your garage, why not try out the shoe door storage option. This treats a door like a wall and displays shoes in small compartments for you to pick from.

Garage Storage Ideas On A Budget

If you aren’t looking to invest much, if anything, in your garage storage adventure…here are a few things to keep in mind to save money. 

  1. Start With Organizing – You may be thrilled with the look of your garage when it is clean and organized. While things may look bleak now, you may not have as much clutter as you thought. Start by getting things off the floor and into a more permanent home!
  1. Utilize Things Around The House – You can turn old milk containers into storage for fasteners and bolts! You can take that extra firewood and start creating some shelving for shoes. There are multiple garage storage ideas that stem from recycling unused things.
  1. Tubs, Tubs, Tubs – If nothing else, grab 5-10 tubs from Amazon or the store and start organizing that way. Simply having things organized out of site can help maintain your sanity when you step into your garage. 

Garage Storage Before And After

Ever think there is no way these garage storage ideas will work for you? Check out these successful garages after they have been organized!

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Purchasing Storage Products For Your Garage

  • Stackable Bins

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Bins can go in poorly lit corners, under tables, or on ceiling racks. There is no wrong place to put bins, and they make your garage seem organized, even if it isn’t. 

  • Baskets

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Baskets can be a great way to hold a lot of one particular item. If you work a lot with nails, screws, bolts, washers, or hooks…a basket can give you easily accessible storage. 

  • Containers

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Containers are the simple man’s basket. These are just clear cups that will get the storage of small items done.

  • Cabinets

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These are great for “out of sight” storage. If you have potentially harmful materials or liquids that kids shouldn’t get into, shutting them in cabinets is a good idea. You can also get locks for your cabinets for extra protection.

What Shouldn’t Be Stored In A Garage?

While we love that so many things are on our garage storage ideas list, there are also a few things that should not be stored in that space. 

  • Propane – This is dangerous for a few reasons. There could be a slow leak in the tank that causes the gas to be breathed in more than you want. You also need to be careful in case of a house fire. You do not want a propane tank in the middle of that. 
  • Certain Foods – Stocking up on food makes life a little easier week to week. Make sure that if you are storing food in your garage, it is in anti-animal bins. You don’t want an infestation of rodents or bugs to find your food. Even canned food isn’t a great idea to store in a garage. Not to mention the fumes from your car or other gas-powered vehicles. 
  • Refrigerator – We have done this for years! I’m sure there are plenty of people that choose to put an extra fridge in the garage. The only problem is that your garage is not temperature-controlled. So your fridge will work a lot harder to maintain those cool temperatures, raising your electric bill. 
  • Pet Food – Pet food has the same trouble as our food. The difference here is that pet food also has different smells that can be hard to dissuade bugs from. Keep the pests outside by keeping food inside!
  • Rugs/Carpet – Another thing that bugs love is a home just for them. Rugs and carpets provide just that. A warm climate that they can burrow into! Keep these soft homes out of the space where small critters may have access. 
  • Toxic Materials – There are different schools of thought on storing toxic materials. In our opinion, if you are going to store these, do it in a safe and temperature-controlled environment. A locked cupboard or basement area can be better than an open garage. Not only do we not want kids getting into these, but extreme temperatures can also change these materials to become more harmful. 
  • Clothing – Like carpets and rugs, clothes can be a breeding ground for insects. If you want to wear the clothing, it is best to store it in the house. If you’re going to save the clothing for sentimental reasons, you also want to keep it inside the home, just in case!
  • Oily Rags – These rags can be ignited with one spark. It is better not to take the risk of leaving them in your garage and properly dispose of them. You can try storing them in empty paint cans if you are still consistently using them.

Garage Storage Ideas Conclusion

We hope these ideas and solutions give you clarity on how to organize your garage moving forward. It can be tough to maintain and keep your garage clean, but these garage storage ideas will make that easier for you and your family! We love our garages, and we know they are built to last whether attached or detached. If you need a storage structure of any kind, feel free to reach out to us, and we will find the perfect one for you!