Hearthside Pergola Options & Colors


Stained Options

Wood units come standard with staining.

natural no stain e1448978663201 200x200 (1)


mushroom stain e1448978728952 200x200


mahogany stain e1448978798168 200x200


golden oak stain e1448978784496 200x200

Golden Oak

cinder stain e1448978826591 200x200


cedar stain e1448978856988 200x200


canyon brown stain e1448978880687 200x200

Canyon Brown

sepia brown stain 120x120

Sepia Brown

sky gray stain 120x120

Sky Gray

Paint Colors

Wood units may be painted.

white paint e1448978943761 200x200


ivory paint e1448978960179 200x200


custom colors 300x200

Custom Colors

Additional Hearthside Pergola Options Available

Traditional Wood Pergola Features

Hearthside Wood Pergolas come standard with 5″ x 5″ posts.

wood traditional pergola mounting bracket

Mounting Bracket (Standard)

wood traditional pergola post skirt e1449169761862

Post Skirt (Standard)

wood traditional pergola superior post

Superior Post (Optional)

wood traditional pergola privacy wall

Privacy Wall (Optional)

wood traditional pergola lattice roof

Lattice Roof (Optional)

Other Options

Plus, ask about Taller Posts and more!

pergola privacy wall 300x300

Privacy Wall (Optional)

electric package and extra receptacle e1449160873917 150x150

Electrical Package & Extra Receptacle (Optional)