Customer Stories

Tom’s 4 Car Garage in Massachusetts

Tom lives in northern Massachusetts, which receives a lot of snow over the winter months. Tired of needing to shovel out his vehicles so he could plow the driveway, he decided to buy a two-story 4 car garage. Here is his story!

Shady Oaks’ New Custom Portable Building in Bristol, Connecticut

Shady Oaks Assisted Living Center in Bristol, CT was in need of a new custom portable building to allow for resident & family visitations during the novel Coronavirus pandemic of 2020. After some research, Tyson (owner of Shady Oaks) stumbled upon Hometown Structures and the rest is history.

Doug’s Backyard Pool House + Pool Shed in Westfield, MA

After Doug had his pool installed, he wanted to continue upgrading his backyard. He drove past the Hometown Structures lot one day and saw the 24×24 pavilion: he fell in love. Doug loves to have people over, especially on Sundays for what he calls “Sunday Funday.”