Homestead Sheds Large Sheds For Excess Space

In need of a larger space for storage in your backyard? Then you should check out the Homestead Series Large Sheds. These amazing large storage sheds are made for people who desire a big space when they need it the most. A possible overhead or even a second-floor storage space to rely on when even more space is needed. Quit struggling for the right large shed and get one that will suffice your wants and needs. Choose your materials such as prefab dormers and more, for the shed of your dreams!

Shop our selection of Homestead Large Storage Sheds below:

Homestead Dutch Colonial Sheds

When you desire maximized space that comes with a classic Dutch styled roof, this large shed does the trick. Completely customize and use the space whichever way works best for you and start living life with no stress over insufficient space.

new england homesteader profile 141x150

92½” Walls
Barn Roof

outdoor shed roof pitch

4/12 Roof Pitch (On Top)

outdoor shed windows

Two 30″ x 36″ Windows w/ Shutters

outdoor shed doors

Single & Double Doors Included