Hampshire Dormer

hampshire wall dormer

Specs may vary depending upon shed size and layout.

The Hampshire Wall Dormer brings together two of our most coveted features, better second-floor usage, and a transom dormer. This dormer wall offers a great way to get the most out of your second floor by giving you more head space to move around freely. In addition to the enhanced space usability, the transom window will offer you great ambient lighting

  • 3/12 roof pitch
  • constructed with the same size rafters as the shed
  • 4″ eaves, 4″ gables
  • transom quantity and sizes will be based on what best accommodates the size of the dormer
  • soffit style matches shed
  • peak height matches shed height

Hampshire Wall Dormer Shed Fits

The Hampshire wall dormer style is a great option for the following shed style.

Is the Homestead Hampshire wall dormer not everything you thought it would be? We understand. That’s why at Hometown Structures, we offer 5 other kinds of shed dormers. We want to help fit the needs that you have to the right dormer style!