Dutch Colonial Dormer

dutch colonial door dormer

The Dutch Colonial Dormer is a great way to have a unique access point for everything in your shed. The Dutch Colonial Dormer gives you a full door dormer allowing for total usability of the second floor. This dormer style allows for the second-floor space to have an easy access point for everything from haybales to large seasonal decorations you don’t want to clutter up the “main floor.”   

  • 5/12 roof pitch
  • solid soffit (non-venting)
  • constructed with 2″ x 4″ rafters
  • peak height matches shed height
  • your choice of door or window
    (with a window, the eaves will be continuous along the front)

Dutch Colonial Door Dormer Fits

The Dutch Colonial door dormer is specially designed for the following sheds.

Is the Dutch Colonial door dormer not quite what you are looking for? Not to worry! The Dutch Colonial Door dormer is only 1 of the 6 dormer styles that we have to offer. Take a look at all of our shed dormers today and find what works for you!