Wood Sheds Optimal Storage And Life Space

Wood sheds are a great storage space option for any yard. These structures are built to last and allow for some creative uses as well. Here is a great starter guide for you as you look at purchasing a new wood shed!

What Are Common Wood Shed Sizes?

Here are five of the most common wood shed sizes you can purchase for your space!

  • 8×12 – The 8×12 shed gives you a space that is a little less than 96 sq ft. You can have ample storage space without going too big or breaking the bank. This is the most common-sized small shed on the market. 
  • 10×12 – This shed is the most popular size of all sheds. With over 100 sq ft of space, there is a vast quantity of possibilities with this shed. These wood sheds have been made into workout areas, entertainment rooms, pool houses, etc. 
  • 10×16 – When you get to a shed of this size, you have gone beyond the standard backyard sheds. Now you have the space to store multiple lawn care pieces, extras from home, and more. 
  • 12×20 – Do you want to have a guest room on your property? The 12×20 is a great size to begin that process. These wood sheds can double as spaces for guests to sleep and relax while staying with you. You can also store riding mowers, weed whackers, and patio furniture here instead! 
  • 12×24 – One of the best bigger sheds you can get on the market allows for maximum storage capacity. For those big yards that need all of the tools and machines, these sheds are for you. Why not buy a 12×24 shed for an outdoor kitchen space beside your pool? Outfit this with a sink, oven, and fridge for the most relaxation!

How Much Does A 12×12 Wood Shed Cost?

The average price of a 12×12 shed is $5,400. This is the base price without any custom features. A high-end 12×12 shed will be closer to $7,500, and the lower side will be closer to $4,200. These sheds are less common than rectangular-sized wood sheds.

Finished Wood Sheds

Finished wood sheds are becoming more and more common. These are the sheds with many uses based on the type and design of the finish. Check out our finished sheds to start to dream about how you could utilize your new space. Until then, here are some ways you can use finished wood sheds.

  • Workout Space
  • Kitchen
  • Entertainment Room
  • Kids Play Room
  • Pool House
  • Guest House
  • Office Space
  • Separate Living Room
  • Concession Stand
  • Greenhouse

Why Buy A Wood Shed From Hometown Structures?

We love working with our customers to figure out how to meet their needs. Each of our people are unique and have different desires, and we absolutely love the process of getting exactly what they want out of their shed. We hope that we can do the same for you!

I purchased two structures over the last 2 years and both times had great experiences.  Prices are more competitive, service in both delivery and prep work has friendly and accommodating crews. Also, communication is quick.  Quality is very good, built locally and with almost unlimited options.  I highly recommend Hometown Structures!

-Nic B