Eyebrow Dormer

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Specs may vary depending upon shed size and layout.

The Eyebrow Dormer is a great way to add in a window for a simple yet charming aesthetic. The Eyebrow Dormer gives you the added benefit of ambient lighting. The Eyebrow Shed dormer is available on more of our shed buildings than other dormers. 

  • dormer roof pitch matches shed roof pitch
  • solid soffit (non-venting)
  • 4″ gables
  • constructed with 2″ x 4″ rafters
  • eaves will be continuous along the front)

Eyebrow Dormer Shed Fits

The Eyebrow Shed Dormer Style is available on the following Sheds

Is the Eyebrow Dormer not quite what you expected? That’s ok! The Eyebrow Dormer is 1 of 6 shed dormer options to choose from at Hometown Structures.