About Us

We Are Custom Shed Builders in MA

Your backyard or outdoor space is very important to you. Our mission is to create a space that you’ll always love and want to come back to. We pride ourselves on being amazing custom shed builders for our neighbors.

We began operations in 2000 and have been on a journey ever since. This includes learning from our mistakes, listening to customers, and innovating our products to meet the changing needs of our clients.

We started Hometown Structures by offering two shed styles. During the last decade, we have evolved our product line to almost twenty standard shed styles with unlimited customization. Plus, we’ve added prefab garagesanimal homes, and other custom structures to help meet the demands of our customers. In addition, we’ve partnered with suppliers whose values blend with ours to offer even more outdoor structures including pergolas, pavilions, gazebos, and much more.

We believe that together Our Teamwork Can Make Your Dream Work!