Shed Delivery

Shed Delivery

How We Deliver Your Shed

Our skilled shed delivery driver will use a remote shed mule to unload the shed from the truck. Then, the remote mule will transport the shed to the location you specify, and our driver will unload the shed. If the ground does not need to be leveled, we will place the shed on the ground. We can take care of the ground for you if no site preparation is done. Additional fees may apply.

Hometown Structures Shed Delivery With A Remote Shed Mule

The Process

Here at Hometown Structures, we have been providing our customers with quality sheds for more than 20+ years. We unload garages, sheds, greenhouses, and more. We have highly trained shed delivery drivers that will deliver your shed professionally and hassle-free. When it comes to shed delivery, what is expected from you are 3 simple things

  • Check with local zoning and get permits
  • Choose a location for the shed
  • Get the area ready for your new shed

What Is A Shed Mule Delivery?

Remote Mule Shed Delivery

A mule delivery is when a shed Truck loads your shed onto a truck and transporting it to your home or property. The use of our shed mule eases unloading. Mule Delivery: We use our shed mule to deliver the shed to the exact location you specify on your property to unload.

Where We Deliver Sheds

We deliver Sheds, Gazebos, Pergolas, Pavilions, Greenhouses, and Horse Barns within 250 miles of the radius of Westfield, Massachusetts. We pride ourselves in providing the New England quality that we are known for in multiple states. For example 

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