Cape Cod Dormer

cape cod dormer

More than aesthetics! With the window, you’ll also enjoy ambient light and ventilation with the Cape Cod Dormer.

Are you looking to give your shed a colonial look and feel? The Cape Dormer is a great option to give your shed the iconic New England look and feel. By adding a Cape Cod dormer to your shed, you will be able to add ventilation and ambient lighting This feature not only gives you a great aesthetic but results in an overall better user experience. The Cape Cod Dormer is built to the following specifications.

  • 12/12 roof pitch
  • constructed with 2″ x 4″ rafters
  • 4″ eaves, 4″ gables
  • one window appropriately sized
  • solid soffit (non-venting)

Cape Cod Dormer Fits

These shed styles are capable of having a Cape Cod Shed Dormer Added to them!

Is the Cape Cod Dormer not quite what you are looking for? That’s ok! At Hometown Structures, the Cape Cod Dormer is just 1 of the 6 shed dormer styles that we offer. Check out some of our other shed dormers and get the style you need!