EZ-Shade Curtain & Canopy For Pavilions

An EZ-Shade curtain provides many pleasant surprises to anyone thinking of owning a pavilion. Shade yourself under with a shade curtain for a cool and very relaxing feeling. Below are more benefits to owning an EZ-Shade Curtain with your outdoor living structure.

  • Stainless Steel Fasteners
  • Easy-to-use Manual Control
  • Screen Fabric Provides Partial Transparency
  • Your Choice of Fabric Color
  • Protects from Sunlight and Light Rain
  • Easily Retracts out of sight
  • Compartment Box Matches to Wood or Vinyl unit
ez shade curtain 2 600x450

EZ-Shade Curtain & Canopy Photo Gallery

Easy-to-use Relaxation Equipment

The EZ-Shade curtain and canopies offer additional comfort and support to an already relaxing pergola or pavilion. With its easy-to-use equipment, you’ll be sure to have a safe and relaxing outdoor session with peace of mind knowing how to control your curtain or canopy. Also, you can choose which shaded option you prefer when purchasing a pavilion.

ez shade curtain 5 500x375

Curtain Color & Fabric Selection

Solid Fabrics

phifertex stucco


phifertex navy pier

Navy Pier

phifertex metallica smoke

Metallica Smoke

phifertex burlap


phifertex black


Patterned Fabrics

phifertex palazzo stripe harbor

Palazzo Stripe

phifertex saylor sepia

Saylor Sepia

Canopy Color & Fabric Selection

Solid Fabrics

dubonnett tweed fabric

Dubonnett Tweed

charcoal tweed fabric

Charcoal Tweed

linen tweed fabric

Linen Tweed

hemlock tweed fabric

Hemlock Tweed

royal blue tweed fabric

Royal Blue Tweed

Patterned Fabrics

black forest fancy fabric

Black Forest Fancy

burgandy black white fabric

Burgundy, Black, and White

east ridge cocoa fabric

East Ridge Cocoa

gray black white fabric

Gray, Black, and White

heather beige classic fabric

Heather Beige Classic

navy taupe fancy fabric

Navy Taupe Fancy

westfield mushroom fabric

Westfield Mushroom