Garages Custom-Made Prefab Garages Just for You

Finding the right prefab garage can be a tough decision. It could leave you with many questions, including:

  • How many doors do I want?
  • How big do I want it?
  • What kind of style do I want?

We’ve got you covered! Whether you need a cozy spot for your car or a spacious area for four vehicles, our range of prefab garages includes 1, 2, 3, and 4-car options, all ready to be tailored to your liking. Customize everything from the size and shape to colors and doors to make sure your new garage fits your style and needs perfectly.

At Hometown Structures, we help break down the steps and hope to make your garage-buying experience a breeze. Our friendly and professional team is ready to prep your space today. Get started on the garage you have always dreamed of by selecting the number of vehicles you plan on storing in the garage below:

2 Car Prefab Garages

If you are looking for a building to store more than one vehicle or just need some extra space, the 2-car prefab garage is a great selection. Save the hassle of fighting for the only parking spot or shoving more things in your basement by expanding your space.

Don’t forget you can completely customize the way your 2 car garage looks. Need a dormer or a loft area? Let us know, and we’ll be happy to build them to your specifications.

Considerations for Your Prefab Garage

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Attached or Detached

You may choose to have your garage building attached to your house or have it free-standing.

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One or Two Levels

You may choose whether or not you want a second level. Adding a second level to your prefab garage is much less expensive than having to come back later and build a bigger one.

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Wall Height

You may choose from a variety of wall heights in your prefab garage. Thinking about adding a car lift? That is no problem. We can increase the wall height at the lower level.

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Roof Pitch

A steeper pitch means an increase in upper-level storage and a more aesthetically please look.

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Siding Material

Match your garage with your home with a variety of siding materials available in a range of colors.

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Besides the basic garage door, you’ll likely want an additional side entry door. You may choose the style and size of each door that you want to add.

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Windows will provide better lighting, ventilation, and better aesthetics. They also can be placed in many different locations!

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Excavation & Foundation

We can prepare the site for you, as well as take care of the concrete floor on the interior first floor.

Still Have Questions?