Shady Oaks' New Custom Portable Building in Bristol, Connecticut

Shady Oaks is an Assisted Living Center for the elderly in Bristol, CT. This establishment has been in operation for over 50 years and continues to serve and care for the locals in Bristol, CT. Since the pandemic hit in early 2020, Tyson (the owner of Shady Oaks) had to shut down the facility for a while.

A couple of months after he had reopened in the summer, he began having the visitations going on outside. He knew the warm weather wasn’t going to last forever, and he was going to need an insulated custom portable building in which residents could have visits during the winter months. After considering a few options, Tyson concluded that it would be ideal for Shady Oaks to purchase that new structure. The only problem was, he needed a place to get started.

The Hunt for Shady Oaks’ New Custom Portable Building

custom portable building with light

Once Tyson had figured that he would need a custom portable building for his establishment, he didn’t know where to begin in terms of finding the right builder for his future building. He did know exactly how he wanted his portable building in Connecticut to look.

He knew that he wanted his building to be “full of light,” so it needed to have insulated windows and doors. After some internet research, Tyson landed on Hometown Structures’ site and fell in love with their designs. He knew that Hometown was going to be able to accomplish his vision for Shady Oaks.

Hiring Hometown Structures For Their Custom Portable Building Project

custom portable building in 3d

After spending some time on Hometown Structures’ site, Tyson found a really cool online design capability called the 3D Shed Builder tool. This is where he could configure and customize the building to make it look exactly how he wanted it to. He could take each section of the building and see exactly how it was going to look even before construction began.

Once Tyson had designed his custom portable building for his assisted living center in Bristol, CT, he contacted Hometown Structures directly about further customizations. This included custom octagonal windows, insulation, and more. Hometown Structures was more than happy to oblige.

We were asking for some unusual specifications, and the 3D Shed Builder online tool had really made the difference for us.

Once an agreement on the custom portable building looks, features, and specifications were all in place; Hometown Structures got started. After the building was completed, Tyson received a call to schedule the delivery date!

Delivering Shady Oaks’ New Custom Portable Building

Once the delivery day was upon Tyson and Shady Oaks, they couldn’t be more excited. They were finally going to have their space for resident and family visitation. Once the portable building arrived, Tyson was very surprised. The 10×26 shed came prefabricated and just needed to be assembled onto the shed pad Tyson had set up. Once Hometown had set up the walls and aligned the roof, the exterior of the custom portable building had been completed. Now all that was needed was to complete the interior, which Tyson had hired separate contractors and carpenters to do.

Tyson & the Shady Oak Residents LOVE their Custom Portable Building

Tyson says that “the residents and their families are thrilled to have this new meeting space.” The new “cottage,” which he likes to call it, has received tons of positive feedback, not only from the residents but neighbors and friends. He is glad that he was able to provide his residents with a space for socializing, bonding, and more.

It gives us a chance to connect with nature and it also provides an area of privacy.

He states that many residents also enjoy using the custom portable building for birthday parties. He opens all of the doors that lead into the lawn so that children and family can gather outdoors while the resident is cozy, sheltered, and socially distant inside of the building.

Tyson Speaks to People Looking For a Custom Portable Building

amish custom portable building in ct

Tyson says that an ordinary shed can be built anywhere. However, a custom portable building like the one at Shady Oaks can only be built by an experienced and professional builder like Hometown Structures.

He goes on to say that “they (Hometown Structures) can tailor whatever you’re looking for so that it becomes more than just ‘a shed’ but a home.” He feels very fortunate to have found Hometown Structures and is glad he had chosen them to construct his little cottage.

We now have a place our residents can enjoy and it was exactly to our specifications. The online tool and the representative that I’ve worked with, aren’t two things you can find anywhere. Hometown Structures really came through for us.

A Message from Andrew at Hometown Structures

Tyson, thank you for the opportunity to build this visiting room for you. We were honored to be part of your solution in helping to keep your residents and their families safe through the pandemic of 2020. Thanks again we wish you continued success.

Get Your Custom Portable Building in Connecticut

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