Premade Garage vs Garage Kit: Which is Right for You?

large premade garage

So, you’re in the market for a new garage. Luckily for you, there are many different ways to buy a garage. From premade garages to kits delivered right to your home, there are many ways for you to get a new garage to house your vehicles. We’re going to be looking at the 2 most popular ways that you can get a brand new garage delivered, and even assembled at your home.

What is a Premade Garage?

one car premade garage

A premade garage, also known as a prefab or prefabricated garage, is a garage that has been fully or partially manufactured on another site before delivering it to your property. This enables the delivery to be quick and easy as most of the setup has already been done.

A premade garage contrasts with a garage that would be built on site…whether from a kit or by a specific company. Premade garages can be designed and include anything you would want from your garage. Generally, companies that pre-make garages have add-ons and features available. 

What is a Garage Kit?

A garage kit is exactly what it sounds like. A complete kit for a garage. A garage kit includes all of the material used to erect a garage and the instructions. This can be an extremely difficult build especially for those who are not familiar with carpentry or construction. Assembling a garage kit is not the same as a household item because this is a much larger and more complex build which may require a lot more time and effort.

If you don’t have any experience when it comes to building large projects, we would recommend starting your search with premade garages instead.

Price: Premade Garage vs Garage Kit

garage kit cost

There are a number of things that can go into the price of a garage. From size and style, the material used, and options and add ons. Let’s dig into the price for both of these types of garages to better understand how much it’s going to cost you and why.

How Much Does a Premade Garage Cost?

A premade garage is more expensive than a garage kit because of the labor that is put into assembling the garage. Once the building gets delivered, the team assembles the building onto the property where it will stand for many years to come. The price of a premade garage can also depend on the building size, style, features, etc. 

For instance, a standard 1 car garage without any extra addons will obviously be less expensive than the 4 car garage with a 2nd level. Your best bet to find the price of a premade garage since there are so many variables, would be to use a company’s free quote estimator. 

4 car premade garage

How Much Does a Garage Kit Cost?

Garage kits cost anywhere between $2,000 to $25,000. Garage kits are the most economical solution for someone looking for a garage space at their home. The kit includes all of the materials and instructions needed to assemble the garage. That being said, building a garage with a kit is not as easy as it sounds. This is not your ordinary home item, and it is recommended that you get someone who is experienced with construction to assemble the garage kit for you.

If you are looking for the cheapest option for a car garage, a kit may be for you. However, just make sure you or someone you know are capable of assembling the garage.

Style: Premade Garage vs Garage Kits

The company that designs your kit or premade garage will generally dictate the styles that you can choose. Typically most builders have a number of styles to choose from in their premade garage selection however, they do not offer many selections when it comes to garage kits.

Here are a few prefab garage styles available in MA.

One Car Premade Garage

one car garage in pa

The one-car premade garage is a perfect choice for someone with a single car. This wonderful space offers more than enough room for a single car, possibly a workshop space, and much more. 

If you do not plan on storing a vehicle in the garage, single-car garage space can also be good for a big workshop. Here you can also store home and lawn equipment including lawnmowers, snowplows, and more.

Two Car Premade Garage

2 car garage in ma

The two car premade garage is another great choice for someone looking for a vehicle storage solution. A two car premade garage obviously offers two spaces for a vehicle to be stored as well as space for additional storage as well. The two car garage is one of the most popular garage types and there is no surprise why. 

Keep both of your vehicles safe with a premade 2 car garage today!

Three & Four Car Premade Garage

3 car premade garage

If you are looking for the largest garage possible, a three or four car garage could be for you. These large garages are ideal for families with multiple vehicles looking to protect their valuables or people who look to potentially open their own workshop garage. Whatever the case may be, a three or four car premade garage is a great solution for storing multiple vehicles.

One of the nice things about bigger garages is the ability to have the 2nd level. One of our customers plans on retiring soon and using that 2nd level as a workshop space. Custom design your upper level to suit your interests and hobbies. Do you enjoy sports? Make it a football room! Need some extra family space? How about a movie or rec room!

Garage Kit Style

Garage kits are all generally assembled revealing similar styles. Each one will include:

Primary and Secondary Framing

Roof & Wall Sheeting



Plans & Designs

For some garage kits you will have the opportunity to include a few add-ons:

Roll-Up Door



Light Fixtures


Garage kits are also available in different sizes. Let’s see what size could be right for you!

Sizes: Premade Garage vs Garage Kits

two car premade garage interior

It’s no surprise that there are differences in the sizing between garage kits and premade garages. Garage kits tend to be more reserved in size because it is an at-home project. Premade garages can be much larger and transported in pieces to their final destinations.

Garage Kit Sizes

Garage kit sizes can begin around 12×21 and generally fade out when you get to 30×50. Even a 30×50 garage kit is going to be a HUGE project for you and those helping you. The heights of garage kits range from 9-14 feet. You may find garage kits outside of these specs, but it would be wise to remain within these parameters. 

Premade Garage Sizes

premade garage dimensions

As talked about above, premade garages come in different forms. Because of that, we wanted to give you some general information about the sizes of these customizable structures. When we talk about the width of the garage, that is actually the 1st number you will see. 

1 Car Premade Garage – The most popular garage sizes here are widths of 12’-16’. For example…12’x20’. 12’x28’ and 16’x28’ are some of the most popular sizes for this type of premade garage.

2 Car Premade Garage – 2 car premade garages tend to be between 20 and 24 feet in width. Some popular sizes for these types of premade garages include; 24’x20’, 24’x28’, and 24’x36’.

3-4 Car Premade Garage – These garages have widths that are anywhere between 30’-44’ depending on the length. As an example, check out Tom’s garage with specs of 30’x40’.

Massive 2 Story Garage (30x40) | 4 Car Detached Garage Review

Materials: Premade Garage vs Garage Kits

There are generally 2 types of materials that distinguish premade garages from garage kits. Premade garages tend to be made of wood, whereas garage kits are made of metal…specifically steel. 

wooden premade garage

Wood: This is going to give you a way to make it look nice on the outside. When it comes to garages, you can leave the wood look or cover it with different siding options such as LP smart siding. Besides looking nice, wood is also durable as well. Outfit it with a concrete base for extra support for multiple levels.

steel garage kit

Steel: This is an easier material to work with because it is basically plug-and-play. You have the steel frame and siding…you just need to put it together. Steel is also very durable as well as more cost-effective. 

Premade Garage vs Garage Kits Conclusion

wooden 2 car premade garage

Your new garage purchase will depend entirely on what you need and want to get out of your garage. If you are looking to create a space that will be durable and you won’t need to be a part of the build…a premade garage is right for you. If you want a structure that is cost-effective and you don’t mind doing the work…check out some garage kits. 

No matter what, these garages will help protect your cars and whatever else you want to store in them. With the optional 2nd level add-on, create a space that the whole family can enjoy. If you need any help in deciding the specs and type of garage that is best for you, we are here to help! Contact us, or submit a free quote for your new garage today! You can also browse our in-stock selections!