Open House 2018

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Spring is here and we’re ready! On May 3, 4, 5, 2018, we will have our annual Open House celebration.

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If you’re not familiar with what we offer:

  • Sheds of every size and design. Did you know we manufacture our own sheds? Whatever your purpose purpose, we’ve got it! Check out our sheds.
  • Garages for your home, whether attached or detached. From a simple one-car to a two-story four-car, we’ve got it. Check out our onsite display garage with an upper level. Check out our garages.
  • Barns for every need – we’ve got it for you, from chicken coops, to rabbit hutches, to dog kennels, to horse barns.
  • Gazebos are the perfect solution to beat the summer gnats. Plus, we’ve got a wide range on display units to browse, and even more we can order. Check out our gazebos.
  • Pergolas provide a great accent for your party, defining a gathering space and providing shade. Available with an optional EZ-Shade; check out our selection of pergolas.
  • Pavilions are excellent for providing both shade and protection from the elements! Available in numerous style and with great options, including an optional EZ-Shade Curtain. See how your backyard can stand out with our pavilions.
  • Playsets provide the exercise and entertainment for your youngsters to grow on. Combine safety with fun, and you’ll know what we mean! Check out our playsets.
  • AND LOTS MORE, including Cabanas, Cupolas and Weathervanes, Bridges, and Lawn Furniture.

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There’s never been a better time to buy. Be sure to stop during our Open House 2018 celebration. We are here to meet exceed your expectations!