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What kind of preparation should you do to ensure you are ready for your shed? What all do the shed delivery and installation process entail? In this blog, we will cover all these questions, so you can be equipped with all the information you need to know about your Hometown Structures shed delivery.

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Shed Delivery And Installation

Hometown Structures Shed Delivery With A Remote Shed Mule

When you order your customized shed from Hometown Structures, you won’t be surprised to discover there may be a lot involved with the process of getting the shed to its designated spot in your backyard. There are a few steps you may need to take to prepare for your shed, but leave the rest up to us.

Steps To Take To Prepare For Shed Delivery

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  • Check with the local zoning and get permits
  • Choose a location for your shed
  • Prepare the area for your new shed

How Do You Prepare the Area for Your Shed?

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A good level foundation is important for your shed. To prepare for your shed…

Prepare a level stone pad for your shed

Use stacks of blocks to rest your shed. This will cause the shed to become unlevel and the floor will be stressed, compromising your warranty.

We recommend using our site prep services, as this is the optimal solution for site-prepping your shed.

An Overview Of Our Site Prep Services

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  • We remove 4 to 6 inches of topsoil where you want the shed.
  • We fill with ¾” of crushed stone
  • We laser-level the stone pad

How Does A Shed Get Delivered?

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We deliver our shed by truck to any location within 250 miles of us. Your shed will be loaded onto our shed truck and delivered to your house, or the location you specify.

Shed Delivery Process With The Mule

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Once the shed is delivered to your home, a shed mule eases the unloading process and delivers your shed to the exact location you specify, where it is then assembled.

Shed Assembly

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Smaller sheds are made off-site at the facility and need little to no assembly once they arrive at their new home.
Larger sheds are transported to the site and assembled there with the necessary prefabricated pieces.

We assemble the shed on the prepared area with the following steps:

  1. Floor Installation – We lay down the floor joist base and the sheathing that covers it to make your shed floor.
  2. Setting up the Sidewalls – One at a time, the sidewall is erected, and a nail gun is used to secure these walls to the floor.
  3. Installing the roof trusses – These trusses hold the plywood sheathing to the top of your shed. 
  4. Installing the roof sheathing – We install the roof sheathing and nail it to the trusses.
  5. Installing the trim -The trim is installed around the edge of the side pieces. This improves the look of the exterior of the shed. 
  6. Installing the fascia – Similar to trim, the fascia is installed at the bottom edge of the roof.
  7. Installing the roofing paper – Roofing paper is installed above the sheathing and below the shingles. It serves the purpose of protection against the weather. 
  8. Installing the drip edge – The drip edge directs water away from the fascia and removes it from the shed entirely.
  9. Installing the shingles – These durable shingles help to temperature control the shed and protect it from the elements.
  10. Installing the ridge vent – This is installed across the peak of the roof and is important for good ventilation. 
  11. Touching up the paint – We want your shed to be perfect, so we start to wrap up the installation process by touching up a few spots with paint.
  12. Installing the door hardware – This is to ensure that the door handle and locking mechanism are in good working order.
  13. Installing the tread plate – Keep your shed clean by making sure you wipe off your boots on this entranceway tread plate!
  14. Installing the rafter ties – Rafter ties help resist the outward push that rafters put on the exterior walls.
  15. Enjoy your new shed!!
Shed Kit Installation - Hometown Structures - Done Right In A Backyard!

Shed Delivery For The East Coast

We deliver Sheds, Gazebos, Pergolas, Pavilions, Greenhouses, and Horse Barns within 250 miles of the radius of Westfield, Massachusetts. We pride ourselves in providing the New England quality that we are known for in multiple states.

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