5 Reasons You Should Consider Buying A Prefabricated Garage

Buying a prefabricated garage can be a hefty investment. Whether it is a one car or four car garage, purchasing a new building for your home is going to take time, planning, and of course some money. That being said, owning a prefabricated garage does provide a ton of benefits as well which we will discuss in this article.

So let’s start with the first reason and probably the biggest reason people get a garage, which is for their vehicles.

#1. A Prefabricated Garage Can Protect Your Vehicle

Vehicle protection is the number one reason many people look to purchase a prefabricated garage. Whether they just bought a new car and want to protect it, or they own a classic car collection and would like to take care of them. Either way, a prefab garage is a perfect solution for somebody looking to protect their vehicle. Let’s look at some specific examples of why getting a prefab garage for your vehicle would be a good idea.

Protection from Nature

prefabricated garage protecting from hail

Photo Credits: Oards Automotive Hub

Mother Nature can be vicious at times, and when those times come, you want to make sure your vehicle is protected. A prefabricated garage is a perfect solution for this. A garage provides a sheltered space for your car through any storm and will protect it from storm debris potentially damaging your vehicle.

By storing your vehicle in a secure garage, you may also save some money on car insurance. The less risk the insurance companies are taking on your car, the less you may be looking at paying. Make sure to check with your insurance company and see if a prefab garage can save some additional money on your car insurance.

Avoiding Vehicle Theft

avoid vehicle theft with prefabricated garage

Photo Credits: Save Our Snopes

Not only does owning a garage protect you from mother nature, but it can also protect you from possible vehicle theft. If a vehicle is left open, it is prone to theft or damage; although it may be unlikely, it can still happen. With the addition of a prefab garage, you can ensure protection and peace of mind to your vehicle from any possible theft.

#2. A Prefabricated Garage Can Also Provide Storage Space

As simple as it sounds, yes, some people may need a garage for storage. Many people purchase a garage and do not even use it for a vehicle but simply storage space. I know what you are thinking; why not use storage sheds instead of prefab garages? Well, some people choose to have a garage over a storage shed because of the garage door. This allows for easy entry and exit if you have more oversized items, including lawnmowers.

Prefabricated garages do not only make excellent vehicle storage space but common storage space as well!

#3. A Prefabricated Garage Provides A Space for Hobbies

A prefabricated garage is not known as a space for hobbies; however, it can be used for such. Many people use their garage for personal use, such as man caves and others. Let’s take a look at some other examples of what you can use a prefab garage for, starting with a home gym.

Home Gym

prefabricated garage turned to gym

Photo Credits: CNN

A home garage gym is trendy; many people with garages transform their space into a fitness center right at home. This is an excellent idea for those who love working out and being close to home at the same time. If you love fitness, a prefab garage would be a perfect place to start your new home gym.


prefabricated garages turned to studio

Photo Credits: Sheds Unlimited

Studios are another common type of hobbies people like to use their garages for. Many people transform their garage into a private studio, whether a painting, sewing, or music studio. If you are looking for a space to create your home studio, a prefabricated garage is an excellent place for that.

I can go on and on about what type of hobbies a garage could be helpful for, but you get the point. If you think a garage would be perfect for your hobby, then consider looking into one!

#4. Start Your Business in A Prefabricated Garage

Over the years, you hear the stories of certain businesses that became highly successful. Some of which have started in their garage. Yes, it’s true; some of the biggest companies today have started in a small garage. Let’s take a look at some of these companies; they might ring a bell!


apple started in prefabricated garage

Apple was launched in 1976 by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne in Jobs’ adopted parents’ garage. One of their first big orders was a local retailer that had purchased 50 computers at $500 apiece. Although Wayne did abandon the business in the early stages, Jobs and Wozniak had reached their goals.

Now, Apple is one of the largest tech companies in the world and continues to grow every day.


amazon started in prefabricated garage

Jeff Bezos began Amazon back in 1995 in what he knew was an untapped online retail business in which he started selling books. He set up shop in his prefabricated garage in Bellevue, Washington, and began creating software for the company. Since he could not meet with clients in his garage, he met and signed some of the first contracts at a local Barnes & Noble.

Now, Bezos is one of the wealthiest people in the world, and Amazon is the largest online retail platform in the world. See what a good idea, a drive for success, and a prefab garage can get you?

There are some spectacular stories of businesses that started from a shed or garage to see how far they have come.

#5. A Prefabricated Garage Can Increase Property Value

attached prefabricated garage

Improving your home is known to increase the value of your property. Adding a prefabricated garage building improves a home because it adds more real estate value and benefits potential future buyers by providing more space for storage and other uses. 

Even though you may not be looking to sell your home, rest assured that your home’s property value will increase with the addition of a prefab garage.

Owning a prefab garage has plenty of benefits, much more than I have listed. However, buying a large building can be a significant investment and commitment, so make sure that a garage is exactly what you want. If you would like a smaller space for storage, you may also consider a shed.

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