11 Of The Best Backyard Playsets In 2023

As kids, we remember when the frost outside began to fade away. The mornings that we waited for the bus while shivering were finally gone. Those were the days when hanging out with all the neighborhood kids after school was all you wanted to do! Do you remember the friends who always had the best stuff? Whether it was a pool, sports equipment, or backyard swing sets, we were all jealous of them! If you were those kids, congratulations…everyone wanted to be you.

One of the magical things about the backyard swing set was that it was a stage. What I mean is the best backyard swing set have multiple pieces that can create a whole world. It can be a castle one day and a pirate ship the next. You can act out your favorite movies and play make-believe with your friends for hours. 

To give your kid the most fun time with their friends, we have assembled the 11 best backyard playsets on the market right now. Each of these playsets will receive an award based on its strengths. We hope that whichever playset you choose for your kids allows them to create the lasting memories we all had when we were young!

Don’t worry; we won’t keep you guessing either. Let’s start with the best. If at any time you want a free quote for a swing set, just click the button below!

Best Backyard Swing Sets: Overall

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Classic Playset: Cedarworks

  • Overall Rating: 10/10
  • Safety Rating: 9/10

When you first look at this playset…the word that you find yourself saying out loud is “Wow.” It is hard to take your eyes off the incredible features, design, and magnitude of this swing set. With Cedarworks, you have the ability to customize your playset down to the very last inch of what you want. Choose from options like slides, bridges, ladders, beams, monkey bars, rope, rock walls, swings, and more!

This backyard swing set also allows for many different sizes as well as features. Custom design this backyard playset to fit your yard perfectly. Besides the customizable and extra features that this playset offers, the safety factor also needs to be considered. The main reason that this swing set is #1 on the best backyard swing sets list is that it provides a safe way to have fun.

There are no splinters or chemicals involved when it comes to their wood. That’s right. Your child will be able to climb all over this thing without shoes or fear of needing tweezers. You also have the ability to design reinforced sections as well as specific fun items for younger children. Things like booster steps and toddler swings add to the safety of your little ones!

Best Backyard Swing Sets: Budget

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Ranger Wooden Swingset: Swing N Slide

  • Overall Rating: 6.5/10
  • Safety Rating: 7.5/10

This Swing N Slide playset is the classic budget option. It offers the ability for outdoor fun at a fraction of the price of the other swing sets. For $300, you can have two swings and a trapeze swing right in your backyard. Each swing will hold up to 115 pounds, improving the safety rating for kids who are a little older. Parents, as much as you may want to, it probably isn’t a great idea to try!

This comes as a DIY kit, meaning you will need to assemble it yourself. These swings can be adjusted for height, so it is perfect for the tall and the small! Made of cedar lumber, it will be tough to find a swing set for this price that features this type of wood. 

The lower side of the ratings are because there have been cases where the playset doesn’t hold up. Whether this is a manufacturing issue or an issue with select sets, it remains at a 6.5/10 on the best backyard swing sets list. 

Best Backyard Swing Sets: Value

Concord Playset: Hometown Structures

  • Overall Rating: 9/10
  • Safety Rating: 9/10

Where can you get the most bang for your buck? Look no further than the concord playset. This is our first vinyl swing set to make the list. The reason that this playset is the best for the value is because of the features, safety rating, and price for all of these combined. 

This backyard swing set features a multi-tiered platform system with not one but two slides! The vinyl material gives this swing set a modern look that will be great in any backyard space! With a total of 6 swings (tire and hammock), this is perfect for your kids and their friends. 

Add-on options include; various slides, bubble window, tic tac toe, fireman’s pole, binoculars, telescope, megaphone, wheels, picnic tables, and more. The durability, optional handles, and smooth vinyl help give this best backyard swing set a safety rating of 9. This playset is available in the New England states. To find out more, click below ⬇️

Best Backyard Swing Sets: Features

Wooden Playsets: Hometown Structures

  • Overall Rating: 9/10
  • Safety Rating: 9/10

With 53 customizable choices, any of the wooden playsets from Hometown will give any buyer astronomical options. Here is a category list of all of the features you could have on your wooden playset. 

  • Color
  • Slides
  • Swings
  • Windows
  • Games
  • Scopes
  • Ropes
  • Wheels
  • Slats
  • Tarps
  • Beams
  • Roofs
  • Mulch
  • Handles
  • Walls
  • Nets

There are many different styles of wooden playsets to choose from, but all of them are made from quality lumber. Some of these customizable features play into the safety rating, and all of them allow for a solid overall experience for any kid. Needless to say, you have the ability to meet the expectations of your child, no matter their interests. All of Hometown’s playsets are available in this service area.

Best Backyard Playsets: Vinyl

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RL-1 Adventure Playset: Swing Kingdom

  • Overall Rating: 8.5/10
  • Safety Rating: 8.5/10

This structure made the best backyard playsets list because of its unique design. While you do have the ability to customize certain features, this vinyl, 2-towered, three slides, combined bridge playset is built to impress. With the option of a child swing and tire swing, there are endless possibilities of fun when playing on this castle.

This playset is complete with slats on the openings on the towers to prevent any accidental falling. The sturdy construction, anchors, and beam support also factor into the safety rating of this structure. This is only the 2nd vinyl playset on the list, but it deserves its spot on the best backyard playsets ladder. 

Best Backyard Playsets: Wood

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Skyfort II: Backyard Discovery

  • Overall Rating: 8/10
  • Safety Rating: 8/10

The name Skyfort does not disappoint. This playset actually features three upper levels that are all a part of the large central tower. The fort-style upper platform truly makes kids feel like they are way up in the sky. Climb into a fairytale story and then relax below with a healthy lunch at the built-in picnic table. 

This playset does need to be assembled by the purchaser. The raised clubhouse, rock climbing wall, and swings can be tricky for those who are a little less experienced. The reason for the 8/10 safety rating is mainly because the safety is up to you. There are appropriate lengthed wooden slats around different openings and handlebars in the proper places, but it needs to be built properly. 

There have also been reports of cheap wood. Many of the reviews speak very positively, but the negative ones do see a common theme. This structure on the best backyard playsets list features monkey bars, three swings, a rock wall, one slide, three levels, and a picnic table. 

Best Backyard Playsets: Premium

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Treehouse Combo Playset: Backyard Adventures

  • Overall Rating: 8/10
  • Safety Rating: 9/10

You may not have known that there were playsets equal to the price of a brand new Nissan sedan…but boy, are you in for an awakening. This treehouse combo is featured on the best backyard playsets list because of the MONUMENTAL design and various extras. I am convinced that, like the ocean, certain parts of this playset have not yet been explored. 

There is over 200 sq. ft. of playset power all rolled into this behemoth. You have your adventure bridge, rocket slides, trapeze swing, fireman pole, treehouse sections, picnic table, porch, tube slide, rock wall, telescope, gangplank, cabin, monkey bars, and even more somehow. This poly playset is truly the definition of premium.

There are many entrances and different fireman’s poles, which allow for more falling potential. The gangplank is a great feature but also poses potential safety hazards. The poly material is sturdy and will hold up given the lifetime warranty that comes with it. The overall rating is an eight because you can get fun extras on other playsets without telling your child they cannot go to college.

Best Backyard Playsets: Up To Age 3

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Toddler Climber and Swing Set: Costzon

  • Overall Rating: 9.5/10
  • Safety Rating: 9.5/10

The Toddler Climber is explicitly designed for younger children and still is able to give them the playset experience. Complete with a few steps, basketball hoop, swing, and sensory movers…this playset is perfect for your young kids. 

This made the best backyard playsets list because of the reviews, simplicity, and features. For what you get, the price and inclusions are great for any child. The only downside is that it isn’t the best material/quality. There have been reports of breaking pieces, but it is plastic, so that can happen with time and when putting it together. 

If you are careful, this playset can last you while also being inexpensive!

Best Backyard Playsets: Small Yards

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Outing Wood Swing Set: Gorilla Playsets

  • Overall Rating: 8/10
  • Safety Rating: 9/10

Gorilla Playsets are a famous playset company, so it is no surprise that this wood swing set made the best backyard playsets list. Another DIY assembly required structure; this playset is a straightforward design. The dimensions are 12.5x15x10.5. This allows you to have a great playset even in a smaller yard. 

This playset features two swings, a trapeze bar, a slide, and a rock wall. This playset is another that will be solely for kids; because of the size and structure, it will not hold adult weights well. This playsets design allows for safety to be easier to attain. With only one upper clubhouse level, you can have eyes on your child at all times. 

There are also different add-on features that can be included in this type of swingset. Wood roofs, monkey bars, and tube slides can turn this small yard playset into something a little bit more. 

Best Backyard Playsets: Traditional

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Chateau Wooden Swing Set: Gorilla Playsets

  • Overall Rating: 8/10
  • Safety Rating: 8.5/10

The Chateau is a good choice on the best backyard playsets list if you want the traditional playset in both look and feel. Much like the other playset from Gorilla, it features swings, a slide, a climbing wall, and a tower. This set-up is going to be the generic style. The overall rating is based on the price of this playset and the no-risk factor. This is an expensive playset for what it offers, but what it provides is good quality. 

This playset features the classic cedar wood, which is resistant to rot, decay, and insect damage. This set also features the rubber grip plastic on the swing chains not always featured on other playsets. This assembly required structure comes with a heavy-duty vinyl canopy that can be upgraded to a treehouse or classic wooden roof. 

The ratings are mainly based on the assembly. Compared to other playsets, the assembly required on this one was much more challenging for the average person. 

Best Backyard Playsets: Old-School

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Monkey Bar Adventure Swing Set: Lifetime

  • Overall Rating: 8/10
  • Safety Rating: 7.5/10

This iconic playset reminds us of recess at school. This playset comes complete with three swings, a full monkey bar set with a fireman’s pole on the back, a slide, and a trapeze swing. This is the only metal playset on our best backyards playset list because it is tough to find good metal playsets that are not very expensive. Because it is steel, it will not crack, warp, or splinter because it is steel. 

The company’s name signifies that this swing set should last for a long time if properly managed. This set style adheres to the older kids more than younger in most cases. That is why the safety rating is a bit lower. Older kids have a lot more freedom and the ability to climb and get to higher heights. Metal is also more unforgiving if you fall down on it. 

This product has no surprises and therefore has many glowing reviews from parents!

Best Backyard Playsets Conclusion

We’ve covered a lot of ground. Once again, here is the list of the 11 best backyard playsets.

  • Best Backyard Playsets Overall: Classic
  • Best Backyard Playsets Budget: Swing N Slide
  • Best Value Backyard Playsets: Concord
  • Best Backyard Playsets Features: Hometown Wooden
  • Best Vinyl Backyard Playsets: RL-1 Adventure
  • Best Wooden Backyard Playsets: Skyfort II
  • Best Premium Backyard Playsets: Treehouse Combo
  • Best 0-3 Year Olds Backyard Playsets: Toddler Climber
  • Best Small Yard Backyard Playsets: Outing
  • Best Traditional Backyard Playsets: Chateau
  • Best Old-School Backyard Playsets: Monkey Bar Adventure

You will notice that no safety rating dips below seven because anything less than that shouldn’t be used by our kids! We want to keep them safe. We want to give them a memorable childhood. I believe if you choose one of these playsets, it will help contribute to building relationships, being outdoors, and making memories. 

If this list is too much, the TLDR for us is;

“All of these swing sets are safe, some more than others. They all include varying features that are probably going to be the most important in your decision-making. They range in price from $250-$25,000, and the price changes with the different features you add. Wood is most common, followed by vinyl and then metal”. 

We hope this article has helped you figure out which playset would be good for you and your child. Let us know if we can help in any other ways or if you have any questions! Happy shopping.