Garages – custom-build your dream garage!

Made to Order

Hometown Structures’s innovative garages are designed to give you maximum functionality, spacious storage, beautiful designs, and solid construction at an affordable price. We’ve got the flexibility to have your garage built your way.

Do you need higher ceilings, a spacious storage upstairs, or a custom roof line? No worries, we can build it for you! If you desire special siding or a custom dormer, we can do that also!

Not only will you get an excellent garage, it will be done right and without hassle! We know you’ll enjoy working with our friendly and professional team! We pride ourselves in building a solid structures, practicing excellent craftsmanship, and providing a smooth worry free construction process. Their functionality will add convenience and enjoyment to your daily routines.


What’s the difference? The primary difference between the various styles is the combination of wall height and roof pitch. For all styles, you may choose your door and window configuration.


Decisions to make about your future garage

  • attached or detached
    You may choose if you want this attached to your house, or have it a free-standing structure.
  • one or two level
    You may choose if you want an upstairs. Adding an upper level is much less expensive than getting the increased area through a larger footprint.
  • wall height
    You may choose a variety of wall heights. If you want to use a car lift in the garage, not a problem – we can increase the lower level wall height.
  • garage size
    Most 2-car garages are at least 24′ wide; most 3-car garages are at least 36′ wide. In most cases, the length ranges from 24′ to 32′ long. Choose the size that best meets your needs.
  • roof pitch
    A steeper pitch means an increase in upper level storage and better aesthetics.
  • siding material
    Want to match your home? We have a variety of siding materials available in a range of colors.
  • doors
    Besides garage doors, you’ll likely want an additional side entry door. Plus you can choose what size you want your doors.
  • windows
    Windows provide lighting, ventilation, and better aesthetics.
  • excavation & foundation
    We can prepare your site for you, as well as take care of the concrete floor.
  • any other details you want?
    Want a cupola? Or a roof overhang on one side? Want to provide your own doors/windows? Let us know.

You get the idea – we can do it!