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New England 8×12 Sheds

Roof Pitch4/125/127/128/129/12

Keystone 8×12 Sheds

Walls 81.5″92.5″
Roof Pitch4/125/127/128/12

Econoline 8×12 Sheds

Roof Pitch5/127/12

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8×12 New England Shed Styles

The New England Cape Shed

The New England Cape Shed is a one-story building with an upstairs space that can be used for storing things or as an extra living area. This design looks like the traditional houses in New England and is quite useful. People love it because it combines a nice look with practicality, making it an excellent choice for homeowners who want something that looks good and useful.

The New England Ranch Shed

Discover the Ranch Shed, where style meets practicality. This amazing building not only looks great but also provides lots of room for your storage needs. Its eye-catching design comes with higher walls, making it easy to store things up high or hang tools on the walls.

The New England Quaker Shed

Upgrade your outdoor space with the New England Quaker Shed. This shed not only stores your things but also makes your outdoor area look more elegant. It has a classic curved roof, combining a timeless look with adequate of storage room. This shed is a great choice when you want both style and storage.

The New England Villa Shed

Say hello to the fantastic Villa shed – it’s all about looking good and being cozy. This shed has a hip roof that gives it a cute cottage look. This shed not only makes your home look nicer but also fits right in with its surroundings.

The New England Sugar Shack

Give your backyard a charming rustic makeover with the Sugar Shack Shed. The classic New England style inspires these sheds, and they add a delightful touch to your outdoor space, giving it lots of character.

The New England Dutch Colonial

Make your backyard look amazing with the Dutch Colonial Shed. It has a roof loft creating extra space overhead and a practical layout below. This beautiful addition will make your outdoor area look more elegant and classy.

The New England Country Shed

Add more charm to your yard with the New England Country Shed. It’s not just for your garden tools and lawn tools; it can hold anything you need to store. This shed makes your yard more useful and good-looking at the same time, giving you both style and practicality.

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The Keystone Shed: Prefab Backyard Storage

8×12 Keystone Shed Styles

The Keystone Cape Shed

Explore this tremendous outdoor storage shed with an excellent classic design and the extra space you’ve wanted. Make your own Cape Outdoor Shed to fit your style and what you like.

The Keystone Ranch Shed

Enjoy the benefits of the Keystone storage shed with higher walls. This shed gives you lots of room inside for storing things up high or hanging items on the walls.

The Keystone Quaker Shed

Add a touch of beauty to your home or make your backyard look even nicer with this amazing outdoor shed. It goes well with any type of home, and it gives you that extra storage space you’ve wanted for a while.

The Keystone Villa Shed

Add a touch of beauty to your home, or make your backyard look nicer with this amazing outdoor shed. It goes well with any type of home, and it gives you that extra storage space you’ve wanted for a while.

The Keystone Dutch Colonial Shed

Make the most of this outdoor shed’s flexibility, which comes with an overhead loft area. It’s great for stashing things you don’t need immediately but want to keep. Declutter your garages with a spacious Keystone Dutch Colonial shed.

The Gambrel Shed

Looking for a special outdoor shed that won’t break the bank? Meet the Keystone Gambrel shed. It has a classic barn-style roof that adds a unique touch and goes really well with your home.

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The Keystone Shed: Prefab Backyard Storage

8×12 Econoline Shed Styles

Econoline Cottage Shed

Meet the Econoline Cottage shed, a storage shed that gives you a classic, good-looking design at a price that’s easy on your wallet. It’s the most budget-friendly option in this shed series. And even though it’s affordable, we guarantee that it’s still made with the same high-quality standards we use for all our buildings.

The Econoline Cape Shed

The Econoline Cape is a highly sought-after and cost-effective storage shed. It features a steeper roof pitch which provides ample interior space to accommodate your storage needs. Get the advantage of maximizing storage capacity without compromising on affordability.

The Econoline Ranch Shed

The roomy Econoline Ranch shed is a budget-friendly yet high-quality storage shed. It’s a great pick for an affordable shed with ample storage space and makes your backyard look nicer.

8×12 Shed Roof Material

Shingle Roofing

charcoal gray 2

Charcoal Gray

dual brown 2

Dual Brown

dual black 1

Dual Black

dual gray 1

Dual Gray

earthtone cedar 1

Earthtone Cedar

harvard slate 1

Harvard Slate

weatherwood 1


Metal roofs are a smart pick because they’re super tough, last a long time, and can handle all kinds of weather, from rain and snow to strong winds and sunshine. They keep your home safe from the elements.

Metal Roofing

gallery blue ribbed metal roofing color

Gallery Blue

scarlet red ribbed metal roofing color

Scarlet Red

barn red ribbed metal roofing color

Barn Red

bronze ribbed metal roofing color


colonial red ribbed metal roofing color

Colonial Red

gold ribbed metal roofing color


slate blue ribbed metal roofing color

Slate Blue

dark blue ribbed metal roofing color

Dark Blue

burgandy ribbed metal roofing color


black ribbed metal roofing color


tan ribbed metal roofing color


light stone ribbed metal roofing color

Light Stone

copper penny ribbed metal roofing color

Copper Penny

brown ribbed metal roofing color


beige ribbed metal roofing color


patina green ribbed metal roofing color

Patina Green

ash gray ribbed metal roofing color

Ash Gray

bone white ribbed metal roofing color

Bone White

charcoal ribbed metal roofing color


evergreen ribbed metal roofing color


pewer gray ribbed metal roofing color

Pewer Gray

avacoda ribbed metal roofing color


bright white ribbed metal roofing color

Bright White

Metal roofing is a popular choice known for its exceptional durability, longevity, and weather resistance. It offers superior protection against elements such as rain, snow, wind, and sunlight.

8×12 Shed Door Options

T1-11 Doors For 8×12 Sheds

We have single and double T1-11 shed doors. The single doors come in three sizes: 24 inches, 30 inches, or 36 inches. If you want a double door, we have three widths to choose from: 48 inches, 60 inches, or 72 inches.

t1 11 t a door

T-A Door

t1 11 t b door

T-B Door

t1 11 t c door

T-C Door

t1 11 t d door

T-D Door

t1 11 t e door

T-E Door

t1 11 t f door

T-F Door

  • Single Shed Doors: These have 3 hinges and a key lock for security. You can choose which direction it opens, left or right.
  • Double Shed Doors: Double doors give you a wider entry. This is the kind you see in the picture above.
  • Combo Doors: If you like options, you can have both single and double doors on an 8×8 shed. This way, you can easily get big or small items in and out.
  • Shed Ramps: Ramps make it easy to roll wheelbarrows and mowers in and out of your shed. They’re made from treated wood and are a popular add-on.
  • Shed Doors with Windows: Doors with windows let in more natural light. Picture having a lovely workshop or office in your backyard shed with a view of your garden.
  • Framed Shed Door Opening: If you just want some air circulation and don’t need a door or window, we can create framed openings. You can later add doors or windows if you want.

T1-11 Door Descriptions

  • T-A Door: Relatively strong two-step doors with holders on four sides
  • T-B Door: It’s like the T-A doors, but with a reinforced lower half.
  • T-D Door: These doors feature T-shaped nails which make the frame stronger.

Fiberglass Doors For 8×12 Sheds

Our Fiberglass doors come in single sizes of 30.5 inches or 35.75 inches.

  • You can go for a double-door system with a 61-inch or 71.5-inch opening.
  • You get to pick the paint color you like for your fiberglass shed doors.
  • Most door styles can be single or double, except for the F-I and F-N, which are only available as double doors. The F-B and F-D are also available as singles, 27 inches wide, or doubles, 54 inches wide.
door f a

F-A Door

door f b

F-B Door*

door f c

F-C Door

door f d

F-D Door*

door f f

F-F Door

door f g

F-G Door

door f i double 457x549

F-I Door

door f k

F-K Door

door f l

F-L Door

door f m

F-M Door

door f n double 457x549

F-N Door

f j

F-J Door

*All door styles are available single or double, except the F-I and F-N. These doors are only available as double-door options. F-B and F-D are also available single 27″ wide or double 54″ wide.

8×12 Shed Window Options

Adding windows to your shed is a great way to give your shed a touch of class. We offer our windows in white or dark brown. All of our windows are single-hung and come with a screen.

Transom Windows For 8×12 Sheds

transoms above a shed door 648x432

Above A Door

transoms above a shed window 648x432

Above A Window

transoms in a shed door 648x432

In A Door

transoms on a shed wall 648x432

On A Wall

Transom windows add additional lighting to your shed. Great for above a window, on a wall, or in a door, these shed windows make for a great artistic flair. Available in dark brown or white, these windows are beautiful on any shed.

Window Shutters For 8×12 Sheds

shed wood shutter without z 457x457 1 300x9999

Wooden Shutters

shutter colors 600x9999

Vinyl Shutters

Adding some extra charm to your shed is easy with our Shutter Offering. While Shutters are optional on T1-11 sheds, they are included on all vinyl sheds. Available in 12 colors, we are sure that you can find a shutter to fit your desires.

Specialty Windows For 8×12 Sheds

cathedral shed window

Cathedral Window

Want to make your shed more stylish? Think about getting a special window. You can choose from dark brown or white, and these windows are a cool way to add a little something extra.

Window Boxes For 8×12 Sheds

shed wooden window box 600x9999

Wooden Boxes

pvc window boxes for sheds 600x9999

Vinyl Boxes

Do you desire to give your yard the look of an English Cottage garden? Adding a window box may be just what you need. Our window boxes are available in 9 colors and are available for all of our window sizes.

Additional 8×8 Available Shed Option

*Only available on certain models

  • Nailer Stud: It is required to fasten the foundations to each other and hold the shed’s bases.
  • Earth Anchor: It is a versatile device used to hold, restrain, and support buildings, sheds, and other structures.
  • Interior Wall: The inner parts of the shed walls
  • Hurricane Rafter: It is used for deck or roof framing to secure rafters, trusses, or joists to the wood framework.
  • Dropdown Staircase: It allows safe and convenient access to attic spaces.
  • Full Staircase: It refers to a complete and permanent set of stairs that provides access between different levels of your shed.
  • Touchup Paint: It is typically provided as a small quantity of paint that is used to repair or cover up minor blemishes conveniently.
  • Loft: An extra space located directly beneath the roof of a building.
  • Shed Dormer: A dormer is a great way to allow in extra light as well as additional height to your shed. A shed dormer is a type of dormer that is characterized by its single-sloping roof plane.