Cupolas – crown your roof!

Royal Crowne Cupolas logoA Cupola is the perfect way to crown your roof, giving it that finished appearance it well deserves. Over the past few centuries, cupolas have served to light and ventilate buildings of all kinds, but especially cathedrals, castles and government buildings. Today cupolas have also become an important part of architecture, defining exterior building styles. Enhance your house, garage, barn, or shed!


cupola size diagram

Selecting the correct cupola size

Typically, you can figure your cupolas should be a minimum of 1¼” per foot of unbroken roof ridge line. For example, if a roof section measure 24′ long, the minimum size the cupola should be is 30″.

Signature – 100 Series

The Signature Series Cupolas are highly detailed in construction and craftsmanship and are distinguished from the other lines of cupolas on the market today. Inspired by the beauty of English castles, the Signature Series will add elegance and distinctive beauty to your home or institution. Available with copper or metal roof, except as noted.








(copper roof only)

(copper roof only)

Estate – 200 Series

The Estate Series Cupolas are elegantly designed and will make a great addition to your home, garage, barn, gazebo or any other building. These cupolas are constructed of a Vinyl-PVC trimboard (a maintenance-free product), or a select grade of western red cedar. Available with copper or metal roof, except as noted. All styles are available in vinyl or cedar.







(copper roof only)

(copper roof only)

Select – 300 Series

If you need a special way to enhance your garage or outbuilding, the Select Series Cupola will provide you with beauty and charm and will also offer important ventilation for your structure. These cupolas are constructed of a Vinyl-PVC trimboard (a maintenance-free product), or a select Western Red Cedar. Available with copper or metal roof. All styles are available in vinyl or cedar.









Estate Copper Clad – 400 Series

Copper cupolas have been adding beautiful architectural elements to buildings throughout the world for centuries. The Estate Copper Clad Cupola collection will not disappoint you with durability, functionality, and beauty making them extremely desirable for a home or institution. Each copper cupola is built with Vinyl PVC trimboard and clad with 16 oz. copper.

Estate Copper Clad - Dalton cupola

Copper-clad Dalton

Estate Copper Clad - Kingston cupola

Copper-clad Kingston

Estate Copper Clad - Pinnacle cupola

Copper-clad Pinnacle

Estate Gazebo – 500 Series

The Estate Gazebo Cupola is a shortened version of the Estate Series to proportion with any gazebo. This series comes pre-assembled in three sections for easy assembly and installation. Available with copper or metal roof, except as noted.

Estate Gazebo - Kingston - PVC cupola


Estate Gazebo - Salisbury - PVC cupola


Estate Gazebo - Pinnacle - PVC cupola

(copper roof only)

Estate Gazebo - Villa - PVC cupola

(copper roof only)

Sundance – 600 Series

Sundance cupola logoMaintenance-free construction using vinyl and pre-painted steel materials. Pre-assembled in three sections for fast, labor saving installation.

Sundance Franklin cupola - metal


Sundance Milford cupola - metal


Sundance Dayton cupola - metal



Sundance Salem cupola - metal


Sundance Winchester cupola - metal


700 Series

coming soon…

Econo – 800 Series

The Econo Series Cupolas are manufactured for the budget-conscious, but without sacrificing quality. These cupolas are crafted using cellular PVC-vinyl or a select grade of Western Red Cedar. Available with copper or metal roof.

Econo (wood)

Econo cupola - PVC

Econo (PVC)

Gazebo – 900 Series

The octagonal Gazebo Series Cupolas are perfect to top any gazebo. Crafted using cellular PVC-vinyl or a treated yellow pine. Available with cedar, copper, or metal roof. Simple and elegant.

Gazebo cupola - pine with cedar roof

Wood model with cedar roof

Gazebo cupola - PVC with copper roof

PVC model with copper roof

curved arrowservice areaDid you know?

Our Cupolas are delivered and installed by our own crew, throughout Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, and New York.

(Delivery and installation is not included in pricing).


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