New England Quaker Sheds Options & Colors

Wood Siding & Trim

barnyard green 457x457

Barnyard Green

black 457x457


charcoal brown 457x457

Charcoal Brown

clay 457x457


gray 457x457


zook tan 457x457


white 457x457


riehl blue 457x457

Riehl Blue

red 457x457


navy blue 457x457

Navy Blue

navajo white 457x457

Navajo White

martin cream 457x457

Martin Cream

leola almond 457x457

Leola Almond

lancaster beige 457x457

Lancaster Beige

hunter green 457x457

Hunter Green

Vinyl Siding

gp almond vinyl


gp blue vinyl


gp beige vinyl


gp white vinyl


gp thistle vinyl


gp tan vinyl


gp pearl vinyl


gp olive vinyl


gp mist vinyl


gp gray vinyl


gp flint vinyl


gp cream vinyl


gp clay vinyl



weatherwood shingles


dual gray shingles

Dual Gray

idual black shingles

Odual Black

harvard slate shingles

Harvard Slate

dual brown shingles

Dual Brown

charcoal gray shingles

Charcoal Gray

earthtone cedar shingles

Earthtone Cedar

Metal Roofing

gallery blue ribbed metal roofing color

Gallery Blue

scarlet red ribbed metal roofing color

Scarlet Red

barn red ribbed metal roofing color

Barn Red

bronze ribbed metal roofing color


colonial red ribbed metal roofing color

Colonial Red

gold ribbed metal roofing color


slate blue ribbed metal roofing color

Slate Blue

dark blue ribbed metal roofing color

Dark Blue

burgandy ribbed metal roofing color


black ribbed metal roofing color


tan ribbed metal roofing color


light stone ribbed metal roofing color

Light Stone

copper penny ribbed metal roofing color

Copper Penny

brown ribbed metal roofing color


beige ribbed metal roofing color


patina green ribbed metal roofing color

Patina Green

ash gray ribbed metal roofing color

Ash Gray

bone white ribbed metal roofing color

Bone White

charcoal ribbed metal roofing color


evergreen ribbed metal roofing color


pewer gray ribbed metal roofing color

Pewer Gray

avacoda ribbed metal roofing color


bright white ribbed metal roofing color

Bright White

Window Options

Shown with an optional window box. Windows are single-hung, with screens. Available in white or dark brown.

Window Shutters

Shutters are optional on DuraTemp T1-11 sheds, but included on vinyl sheds.

shed wood shutter without z 457x457 1 300x9999

Wooden Shutters

shutter colors 600x9999

Vinyl Shutters

Window Boxes

Window boxes are available for all window sizes.

shed wooden window box 600x9999

Wooden Boxes

pvc window boxes for sheds 600x9999

Vinyl Boxes

Transom Windows

Available in white or dark brown.

transoms above a shed door 648x432

Above A Door

transoms above a shed window 648x432

Above A Window

transoms in a shed door 648x432

In A Door

transoms on a shed wall 648x432

On A Wall

Specialty Windows

Available in white or dark brown.

cathedral shed window

Cathedral Window

DuraTemp T1-11 Doors

All door styles are available single or double.

Single door widths: 24″, 30″, or 36″.
Double door widths: 48″, 60″, or 72″.

t1 11 t a door

T-A Door

t1 11 t b door

T-B Door

t1 11 t c door

T-C Door

t1 11 t d door

T-D Door

t1 11 t e door

T-E Door

t1 11 t f door

T-F Door

Fiberglass Doors

All door styles are available single or double, except the F-I and F-N are only available double.

Slab single door widths: 30½” or 35¾”.
Slab double door widths: 61″ or 71½”.
* F-B and F-D are also available single 27″ wide, or double 54″ wide.

Prehung single door widths: 32″ or 36″.
Prehung double door widths: 64″ or 72″.

Choose any paint color for your fiberglass door.

door f a

F-A Door

door f b

F-B Door*

door f c

F-C Door

door f d

F-D Door*

door f f

F-F Door

door f g

F-G Door

door f i double 457x549

F-I Door

door f k

F-K Door

door f l

F-L Door

door f m

F-M Door

door f n double 457x549

F-N Door

f j

F-J Door

Additional Door Options

ramp 300x183


transoms above double door 648x432

Window Over Door

framed opening e1449621206136 648x432

Framed Opening


shed corner nailer stud 300x300

Nailer Stud

shed earth anchor 300x300

Earth Anchor

shed hurricane rafter tie 457x458

Hurricane Rafter

shed interior wall

Interior Wall

shed or garage dropdown staircase

Drop-down Staircase

shed or garage full staircase 457x457

Full Staircase

shed touchup paint pint 300x300

Touchup Paint

shed loft 300x300