12′ x 20′ Homestead Hampshire
T1-11 Shed

  • Roof: 12/12 pitch, Dual Black
  • Paint color: Bronze, White, Covered Bridge
  • Venting: Ridge vents, Soffit vents
  • Windows: 30″ x 36″, frame/grids – white, with shutters
  • Doors: double 72″ wide, 78″ high, T-E, Treadplate; single 36″ wide, 78″ high, T-E, Treadplate

2024 model

$ 14,190 base price
$+1,790 labor to assemble modular roof
$ + 150 upgrade single and double doors to T-E (add transoms in doors)
$ + 100 upgrade to urethane finish on doors and shutters
$ 16,230

A good, level base is important for your storage shed. We can do it for you (sold separately), or do it yourself. See site prep recommendations.


This post last updated March 25, 2024.

Note: This item is available in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont, and New Hampshire, as well as other parts of surrounding states. See our service areas map.


Reserve this item with a deposit of $7,765.
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