Keystone Series shed options

logo seal Keystone shedsThis page illustrates features and options of the Keystone Series sheds.

More options available on the upgraded New England Series.

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Pressure treated floor system

is standard on all Keystone Series sheds.

floor construction

pressure-treated 4×4 rails

8’ wide              three 4x4s
10’ wide              five 4x4s
12’ wide              five 4x4s
14’ wide              five 4x4s

pressure treated floor joists

Choose your floor construction:

  • 2×4 joists 8″ on-center
  • 2×4 joists 12″ on-center
    (standard on Keystone Series)
  • 2×4 joists 16″ on-center
  • 2×6 joists 8″ on-center
  • 2×6 joists 12″ on-center
  • 2×6 joists 16″ on-center

pressure-treated 5/8″ plywood decking

resulting in a smooth, solid deck.

Other floor options

  • foam insulation between the floor joists
  • double plywood (two layers of 5/8″) for an even stronger floor
  • no floor (some restrictions apply)

Your shed floor will perform best with professional site preparation!

prepared site

Check out the Site Preparation page

DuraTemp T1-11 units come standard with paint.

Basic paint color collection

Our most common paints, used on 90% of our DuraTemp T1-11 sheds.

Barnyard Green
Barnyard Green



Charcoal Brown
Charcoal Brown


Hunter Green
Hunter Green

Lancaster Beige
Lancaster Beige

Leola Almond
Leola Almond

Martin Cream
Martin Cream

Navajo White
Navajo White

Navy Blue
Navy Blue


Riehl Blue
Riehl Blue


Zook Tan
Zook Tan

Extended paint color selection

Custom colors

You may choose any Sherwin Williams color for your DuraTemp T1-11 shed!

Sherwin Williams color fan deck

Find and explore Sherwin Williams colors

Vinyl color selection

GP Almond vinyl

GP Beige vinyl

GP Blue vinyl

GP Clay vinyl

GP Cream vinyl

GP Flint vinyl

GP Gray vinyl

GP Mist vinyl

GP Olive vinyl

GP Pearl vinyl

GP Tan vinyl

GP Thistle vinyl

GP White vinyl


GP vinyl profile

Georgia Pacific logo

Double 4″ traditional lap siding has at least a ½” projection that creates a realistic and dramatic shadow line.


Other siding options:

  • house-wrap under vinyl
  • your custom selection
    (let us know the brand, product, and color)
  • provide your own vinyl (we install)
  • no vinyl
    (exterior is unfinished ½” CDX plywood)

Roofing Material

30-year architectural asphalt shingles are included as standard.

IKO Cambridge Weatherwood Shingles

IKO Cambridge Harvard Slate Shingles
Harvard Slate

IKO Cambridge Earthtone Cedar Shingles
Earthtone Cedar

IKO Cambridge Dual Gray Shingles
Dual Gray

IKO Cambridge Dual Brown Shingles
Dual Brown

IKO Cambridge Dual Black Shingles
Dual Black

IKO Cambridge Charcoal Gray Shingles
Charcoal Gray

Extended roof shingle selection
Metal roofing options

Other roof options

  • ridge vent
    (included standard)
  • tar paper
  • your custom selection
    (let us know the brand, product, and color)
  • provide your own shingles
  • no shingles
  • cupolas and weathervanes

Standard Windows

shed aluminum window 4 over 4

shed aluminum window 6 over 6

four-over-four grid pattern

  • 18″ x 36″
  • 24″ x 36″

six-over-six grid pattern

  • 30″ x 36″
  • 36″ x 36″
  • 36″ x 40″

Shown with optional window box. Windows are single-hung, with screens. Available in white or dark brown.

Wood shutters

shed wood shutter without Z
pair of shutters

Vinyl louvered shutters

shutter colors

Vinyl shutters are 9″ wide, and match the height of the window.

Shutters are optional on DuraTemp T1-11 sheds, but included on vinyl sheds.

Wood window boxes

shed wooden window box
Choose any standard paint color

Vinyl window boxes

PVC window boxes for sheds

Window boxes are available for all window sizes.

Transom windows

transoms in a shed door
in a door

transoms above a shed door
above a door

transoms above a shed window
above a window

transoms on a shed wall
on a wall

Available sizes:

  • 10″ x 23″ (4-lite)
  • 10″ x 29″ (5-lite)
  • 10″ x 35″ (6-lite)
  • 10″ x 60″ (10-lite)
  • 10″ x 72″ (12-lite)

Available in white or dark brown.

Specialty windows

cathedral shed window
Cathedral window

Available sizes:

  • 18″
  • 24″
  • 30″
  • 36″

Available in white or dark brown.

DuraTemp T1-11 doors

T1-11 T-A door
T-A door

T1-11 T-B door
T-B door

T1-11 T-C door
T-C door

T1-11 T-D door
T-D door


T1-11 T-E door
T-E door

T1-11 T-F door
T-F door

All door styles are available single or double.

Single door widths: 24″, 30″, or 36″.
Double door widths: 48″, 60″, or 72″.

Fiberglass doors for Vinyl sheds

door F-A
F-A door

door F-B
F-B door*

door F-C
F-C door

door F-D
F-D door*

door F-F
F-F door

door F-G
F-G door

door F-I double
F-I door

door F-J
F-J door

door F-K
F-K door

door F-L
F-L door

door F-M

F-M door

door F-N double

F-N door

All door styles are available single or double, except the F-I and F-N are only available double.

Slab single door widths: 30½” or 35¾”.
Slab double door widths: 61″ or 71½”.
* F-B and F-D are also available single 27″ wide, or double 54″ wide.

Prehung single door widths: 32″ or 36″.
Prehung double door widths: 64″ or 72″.

Choose any paint color for your fiberglass door.

Ask about these options!

ramps sized appropriate to the door

transoms above double door
transom windows over doors

framed opening
framed opening

Door hardware

6-inch door hinge
6″ hinge available on all doors

12-inch strap door hinge
optional 12″ hinge upgrade available on DuraTemp T1-11 doors

adjustable door brace
Door turnbuckle standard on T1-11 double door (primary door only)

door locking T-handle
Locking T-handle standard on all doors (includes set of two keys)

D-snap door latch
D-snap Door Latch standard on double door (secondary door only)


rubber door bumper
Door Bumper standard on all doors

diamond treadplate for doors
Aluminum Diamond Tread Plate standard on double doors

cane bolt
Cane Bolt standard with sheds that do not have a floor system

Door panel designs

Standard panel single-car
Standard panel doors

Long panel - single-car
Long panel doors

V-5 panel single-car
V-5 panel doors

Door Colors

Overhead garage door white color

Overhead garage door almond color

Overhead garage door desert tan color
Desert Tan

Overhead garage door sandstone color

Overhead garage door brown color

Door Hinges

hinge bean
Bean hinge

hinge spear
Spear hinge


Door Handles

handle bean
Large Bean handle

handle spear small
Small Spear handle

handle spear
Large Spear handle

Window placement

Overhead door windows in 1st row
Windows in first row

Overhead door windows in 2nd row
Windows in second row

Overhead door with transoms above
Transom windows above

Window transparency

garage door window glass clear
Clear glass

garage door window glass obscure
Obscure glass

Choose your panel design to see the windows:

Standard panel window designs
Long panel window designs

Browse the brochure


And ask about lots more options!

  • other available sizes
  • garage door openers
  • low-clearance track
  • clipped or square corners
  • rough opening
  • treadplate

Overhead Door logo

And even more options!

shed loft


shed corner nailer stud
Nailer stud


shed earth anchor
Earth Anchors


shed touchup paint pint
Touch-up paint


shed interior wall
Interior wall


shed hurricane rafter tie
Hurricane ties


Not all options are available with every possible scenario.

Looking for something else? Just ask!