Keystone Series sheds

shed seal Keystone See Keystone shed inventory The Keystone Series sheds from Hometown Structures features 8 classic styles designed to fit your budget and lifestyle. Each style carries a 10-year structural guarantee and 30‑year snow load guarantee with 40-pound snow load capacity. Keystone Series sheds are a great, solid choice for its balance of integrity and budget, combining affordability with limitless options to create the ideal structure to meet your needs and desires.Enjoy years of worry-free ownership!

tipWhat’s the difference?

The primary difference between the various shed styles is the combination of wall height and roof pitch. For all shed styles, you may choose your door and window configuration.


Keystone Series sheds


keystone cottage

Keystone Cottage profileProfile:
81½” walls
5/12 roof


keystone cape

Keystone Cape profileProfile:
81½” walls
7/12 roof


keystone ranch

Keystone Ranch profileProfile:
92½” walls
5/12 roof


keystone berkshire

Keystone Berkshire profileProfile:
92½” walls
7/12 roof



keystone villa

New England Villa profileProfile:
81½” walls
7/12 roof


keystone quaker

Keystone Quaker profileProfile:

Dutch Colonial

keystone dutch colonial

Keystone Dutch profileProfile:
81½” walls
barn roof


keystone gambrel

Keystone Gambrel profileProfile:
48¼” walls
barn roof

curved arrowservice areaDid you know?

Our sheds are manufactured in Massachusetts, and we deliver throughout Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, and New York.



Keystone Series cutaway diagram


Keystone Series sheds construction

  • floor joists 12″ on-center
  • 2″ x 4″ rafters
  • 4″ roof overhangs
  • ridge vent
  • neat, custom outline
  • onsite construction available
  • 30-year snow-load warranty

See comparison chart of shed series