No cupola is complete without a Weathervane! Choose from our wide selection, from small to large, and from traditional to unique.

Weathervane 548A Country DoctorWhat size weathervane?

We have three sizes to choose from: The Garden Weathervanes are smaller versions of our classic Standard Size line and are specifically designed for mounting on smaller sheds. The more traditional Standard Size Weathervanes are designed for most sheds, or to fit your home, garage, barn, or gazebos. Our largest line, the Estate Series Weathervanes, is designed to complement a large shed, your home, garage, barns or commercial buildings.


Mounting the weathervane to the cupola

All our cupolas are available weathervane ready. The weathervane rod fits nicely into the top of the cupola and is easily secured on the inside with a set screw.

Using the weathervane without a cupola? Not a problem! Just be sure to get a roof-mount.


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