Gazebo and Cabana site preparation

Protect your assets – a good, level base is important for your gazebo or cabana!

thumbs upgazebo on ideal site preparationWell-prepared level stone pad

This illustrates a well-prepared stone pad, which will provide great support and drainage, and minimize many potential problems down the road!

We offer this as a service – highly recommended!



gazebo on blocksSet on blocks

If you have an unlevel area, we can use 8″ x 16″ x 2″ patio pavers to level it up. This is not an ideal solution, but for smaller units (under 100 square feet) it usually suffices.

This should not be done with more than 4″ out of level (two blocks high).



thumbs downgazebo on too many blocksSet on a stack of blocks.

Don’t do it!

Your gazebo/cabana will become unlevel, the floor will be stressed, and the warranty will be compromised.

Site preparation services are offered in-house through our own professional team.

We use a rubber-tracked mini-excavator.
We use a rubber-tracked mini-excavator.

sire prep advantages

  1. We remove 4” to 6” of topsoil where you want the gazebo/cabana.
    The pad area will be prepared the size of the gazebo/cabana, plus a perimeter area.*
  2. We fill the area with ¾” clean crushed stone.
  3. We laser-level the stone pad.

site prep diagram

* The stone pad will have a 12″ perimeter of stone around on all four sides.