Open House 2018

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Spring is here and we’re ready! On May 3, 4, 5, 2018, we will have our annual Open House celebration.

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If you’re not familiar with what we offer:

  • Sheds of every size and design. Did you know we manufacture our own sheds? Whatever your purpose purpose, we’ve got it! Check out our sheds.
  • Garages for your home, whether attached or detached. From a simple one-car to a two-story four-car, we’ve got it. Check out our onsite display garage with an upper level. Check out our garages.
  • Barns for every need – we’ve got it for you, from chicken coops, to rabbit hutches, to dog kennels, to horse barns.
  • Gazebos are the perfect solution to beat the summer gnats. Plus, we’ve got a wide range on display units to browse, and even more we can order. Check out our gazebos.
  • Pergolas provide a great accent for your party, defining a gathering space and providing shade. Available with an optional EZ-Shade; check out our selection of pergolas.
  • Pavilions are excellent for providing both shade and protection from the elements! Available in numerous style and with great options, including an optional EZ-Shade Curtain. See how your backyard can stand out with our pavilions.
  • Playsets provide the exercise and entertainment for your youngsters to grow on. Combine safety with fun, and you’ll know what we mean! Check out our playsets.
  • AND LOTS MORE, including Cabanas, Cupolas and Weathervanes, Bridges, and Lawn Furniture.


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There’s never been a better time to buy. Be sure to stop during our Open House 2018 celebration. We are here to meet exceed your expectations!

Sun’s out – Shades up

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Now that the sun’s out, let us help you put up a structure that will give you some shade.

Elis Vizcarrondo
contact author Elis Vizcarrondo

If you live in the New England area then you know that summertime can never come soon enough! After having such bipolar weather (no pun intended) there’s nothing that beats the steady summer weather and all the things that come along with it, whether it be barbecues, vacations, family gatherings, or beaches. But what if we could offer a way to combine all of those into one at a fraction of the cost? Well all of these except for the beach sand and salty water of course. Nevertheless, we aren’t here to judge but to please. We can add salt to your pool and take some sand from the beach, that’s not illegal right? Perhaps I am making no sense right now, that happens a lot and my wife can attest to that, but please, allow me to explain.

Here at Hometown Structures we are having yet another event with deals given to us by one of our manufacturers and we are passing that deal down to you! These deals are so great that i am just going to come out and say how good they are. Order a new Pavilion and we take $1000 off, a new gazebo $800 off, a new pergola $600 off. If you think about it it’s like we are giving you money for buying a structure from us, now that’s generous! And best of all FREE FOOD!

Santa Fe Vinyl Pavilion

For those of you with a mortgage, car payments, and kids, vacations can be costly. So instead of having to sell your organs to be able to pay for a vacation for you and your family, why not create your own vacation at home, a staycation. This might sound new to you but even if it doesn’t please hear me out, the possibilities are practically endless. Do you have an outdoor kitchen? How about setting up one of our newest designs under that? It’s available in wood or vinyl – choose a Santa Fe Wood Pavilion or Santa Fe Vinyl Pavilion.

With this design one is able to have the rain run off the back because of the single sloped roof design. And actually now that I think about it, we can just collect that rainwater and use it as beach water, problem solved for all of you beach obsessors, you’re welcome.


If that isn’t your style and you mostly just want to be able to hang out without the pesky mosquitoes being a bother then we have the perfect solution for you! On a side note though, what do you think mosquitoes are thinking when they are buzzing in our ears? I honestly think that they are laughing at me from how silly I look trying to swat them away, I wonder.Anyways, if you don’t already know what I am talking about, one word, GAZEBO! Still makes me want to dance, not only that but I think that the official dance should involve swatting of sorts and making weird faces as if mosquitoes are the most grotesque things ever. Perhaps I should make a video of such dance, or even better, perhaps you should send some videos of what that dance may look like. Moving on, this has gone on far too long, I have other ideas for you.


12' x 16' Vinyl Rectangle Gazebo

Perhaps a nice pergola is exactly what your backyard needs to spruce it up. These are elegant, beautiful, and gives you a chance to have sunlight or shade when you purchase an EZ-Shade Canopy or EZ-Shade Curtain.

All of these structures are available in wood or vinyl (maintenance free). Rather than going through the hassle of planning out a vacation, booking flights, packing, and going somewhere you would only enjoy for a few days, why not make a staycation a family tradition and create new memories in your own backyard, best of all you can invite all of your friends and family. Furthermore, Why not use your imagination? With the extra money you save and if your yard is big enough, maybe two structures would be prime for an awesome staycation.

wood Hearthside PergolaIf you have been thinking about what would look nice in that backyard then stop in and speak to one of us, Glenn, Andy, or I (Elis) would be more than delighted to help you make a decision. We may not dance for you but I promise that we will smile. Also, don’t forget to check out our great deals on in-stock product, we have some great deals for those of you who want something NOW, the best time to buy or place an order  is now. We are passing down the savings that we are getting from the manufacturer down to you, but the best deal of the year is only happening for 3 days, June 15, 16, and 17. See the ad! So even if you are not sure about whether or not you’d be looking to buy at least stop in for some hot dogs and burgers, we love to share because, well because sharing is caring. Just make sure to wait a while before jumping in the bounce house. Look forward to seeing you all at the event. Thanks and God bless.

Beat the mosquitoes
Find shelter at our Open House

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Elis Vizcarrondo
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Elis Vizcarrondo

Ahh, yes, April shower – an almost sure sign that spring is here. And while I like rain because rain is water, which I like to drink (water I mean not rain), I’m sure hoping that it doesn’t rain on our parade, and by parade I mean Open House which is coming up on April 6, 7, and 8. Speaking of which, Have you ever wondered, “if April showers bring May flowers then what do May flowers bring?” Well, wonder no more! I, ladies and gentlemen, have the answer to this profound and ever puzzling question. The answer right after these messages. Oh wait, I’m not on TV am I? Nonetheless, you’ll have to endure my spiel about how wonderful spring is before I give the answer.

2017 open house calendar
Mark your calendar!

Mmm, I can almost already smell the hot-dogs and burgers on the grill, which we will have at our Open House. Spring is such a great reminder of all the good things we have missed because of all the obnoxious snow. If snow were warm, I’d actually be cool with it, actually not really, because it would be warm, and melted, and basically water, which I like. Alright, alright so I guess the winter and snow aren’t that bad. But if you think about it, spring is great! The barbecues, the flowers, the birds, the tag sales, the mosquitoes. Ok, maybe not mosquitoes, but don’t let that stop you from enjoying a nice evening out in your yard. We have just the solution!

One word… GAZEBO! I still want to dance every time I hear that word. Gazebos offer the option of a roof and a screen, and would even be great on a deck. And check this out…

2016 gazebo award
We have a large selection of gazebos in both wood and vinyl on our lot now along with some pergolas, pavilions, sheds, chicken coops, and playsets. Bring the whole family to come check out our selection. We will have a bounce house, playsets for kids to try out, FREE food, and discounts! I know that it’s been such a crazy winter so let us help you wind down this spring while you sit under one of our beautiful structures. I know that most of your backyards still look like this…

gazebos on our lot on a snowy day

But no worries because soon all your problems will melt away and look like this…

gazebos on our lot on a sunny day

Whether you are sure you are in the market for one of our outdoor-living showcase products or not-so-sure, stop in. Even if you’re not in the market for something, one of our salesmen can answer any questions you may have for when you decide is a good time. So swing by Hometown Structures, have some refreshments, and chat with us. We can’t guarantee that we will not try to sell you something but I can guarantee that your visit will be worth it!

So I say let spring bring on the mosquitoes and showers – we will be ready with our burgers and drinks in hand while we sit under our beautiful structures. Stop by on April 6, 7, or 8 and enjoy a burger and some laughs with us. And maybe soon we can help you to enjoy some time with friends and family under something like this…

Santa Fe pavilion
Santa Fe Pavilion – the newest addition to the family!

So, if April showers bring May flowers, what do May flowers bring you ask? The answer is simple: Pilgrims. But please let’s not talk about that because Pilgrims mean Thanksgiving, and Thanksgiving means winter is approaching. Let’s think about rosebuds and squirrels, while we sip on our ice cold drinks and sit under our beautiful pergola.

Pergola vs. Pavilion

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Pergola VS. Pavilion


Hi! Yea it’s me again. Don’t worry though I won’t be trying to sell you anything this time. Ok that’s not entirely true, but I’m only doing this because I care about you. I’m here to relieve you from  stress, to make you feel at ease, and to make your life decisions a little easier. Well not all decisions but definitely helping you decide between a pergola or pavilion. Decisions can be hard to make sometimes and let’s face it, there are days when some of us just don’t want to adult, adulting just isn’t fun sometimes but that’s ok we will help with some of the responsibilities at no cost to you!! Unless ofcourse if you buy something, but that’s beside the point.


If you have a yard there is no doubt you have been thinking about ways to make it more attractive. At Hometown Structures we have a number of options that will beautify your yard. Choosing between a pergola or pavilion will definitely make you the talk of your neighborhood, in a good way ofcourse. And if you are one of those people that just likes to show off, no worries I’m sure that there are still good things being said about you. Nonetheless, with a pavilion or pergola in your yard the friends that you do have will feel welcomed by the captivating elegance of your new structure.


So what’s it going to be, pergola or pavilion?

first, a few differences.

  • Pavilion offers a real roof that can shelter you from rain
  • With a pavilion you have the option of selecting a metal roof
  • Though pergolas do not have a solid roof we offer a canopy option that can also keep out the rain and provide shade.
  • Canopies on a pergola are retractable so you can enjoy the sun shining through on a beautiful day

Possibilities are virtually endless when it comes to the different uses one can get out of these beautiful structures.



EZ-Shade Pergola Canopy
EZ-Shade Pergola Canopy

-Pergolas are great for avid gardeners, certain plants can thrive on conditions offered by a pergola

-Good for hops, wisteria, ivy, clematis, or grape vines

-Pergolas add more character and style

-Ask about a lattice for extra shade.

-Enjoy the fresh air while remaining cool under extra shade



12' x 16' Pavilion vinyl


-Serves as a great entertainment outlet

-Great for Grill area

-Great for a picnic area

-Great for a lounge or pool area




  • Both Structures are typically free-standing, but ask about attaching to your house
  • They can both increase home value. Pergolas especially are a desirable addition sought out by many who are seeking a new home
  • Both structures will most certain make your home stand out
  • You can add drapes or curtains to both for more privacy
  • Both have a variety of styles to choose from


So you say you still can’t decide? Well then that might be a problem. But you know what they say, when you can’t decide just go with both! I know I know, the money, but what if we could work out a deal with you? Hey anything is possible in this crazy world right we have current events to prove that. Seriously though, do not hesitate in asking one of us here how it is that we can help you, we strive at helping you get the structure not only that you need but that is perfect for you.

Stop in at Hometown Structures today and let us know how we can help you out. You can also visit our website to check out what it is that we have available on the lot right now.

Outdoor Living Showcase

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Elis Vizcarrondo
contact author
Elis Vizcarrondo

How would you feel about me giving you some money? I’m sure you’d love that, but I’m not gonna; I’m mean like that sometimes. Ok, so maybe I wouldn’t be able to give you any of my money especially since I have a family to provide for (including one that is on the way!), but I can still SAVE you some $$$. If you don’t love saving money, then I actually don’t know whether to applaud you or just take all your money – I would replace it with a nice gazebo or pergola, of course. Afterall, the Bible does say “the love of money is the root of all evil” (1 Timothy 6:10).

curtainWouldn’t it be nice, though, if you could go into places knowing that you would save some money? How about a few hundred dollars? I don’t know about you but I usually go to where the sales are! I don’t like going to places to shop if I know I won’t save any money and I’m sure you can relate. If you come to Hometown Structures I can guarantee you that we will save you some money. Or if you are anti-social and just don’t enjoy talking to nice people like us then you could visit us at but I can almost promise you we don’t bite (I can only speak for myself here though I am not at all sure about my co-workers). Speaking of which, how about a bite to eat?

Once again we are offering free food. Don’t come just for that, though. At least say “hi” and play on the bounce house and playsets with us. I’m sure we’ll become best of friends after that. And if you don’t come then here’s what you’ll be missing out on:


  • Free food! We will be serving refreshments on Thursday and Friday (May 5 & 6), and a pancake breakfast on Saturday (May 7) from 9am until 2pm.
  • Bounce house and playsets for the children (or adults) to play in. Mr Andrew Kurtz (the boss here) always says “We don’t quit playing because we get old, we get old because we quit playing;” such wisdom this young man has!
  • Saving $$$. We are knocking money off all new orders, plus even more off our in-stock displays. Choose from gazebos, playsets, pergolas, pavilions, chicken-coops, outdoor furniture and even sheds – whatever you’re looking for.
  • Knowing what will look good or is missing from your yard.
  • The beautiful weather. Come here with the kids and let them run around and use up all their energy while you relax and have some food.
  • Great conversation with friends. You may not consider us your friend but we consider you ours.

Come and join us at Hometown Structures on May 5-7. We will have all of the things mentioned above and I promise you that you will meet some of the nicest people around. The world needs more love – don’t you agree? And since we all like free stuff, I’ll even throw in a FREE hug – that’s right, FREE hugs! Now I know what you’re thinking “how could these people afford to give away free hugs and be nice at the same time?” It’s fairly simple actually, our niceness and customer satisfaction meter just fills up so quickly and in turn we are able to give away hugs at no cost to us.

And if you don’t want the hug, that’s ok too. We have plenty of products for you to choose from. We’ll be featuring products from our vendors which are all from Pennsylvania. Items such as gazebos, pergolas, pavilions, playsets, furniture and even chicken coops.

  • Gazebos: Great for just relaxing outside either by yourself or with friends. Add the Screen package and it’s a perfect way to hang out outside in the evening while keeping bugs away.
  • Pergolas: Although pergolas have the option of a canopy attachment it is not just for those seeking shade. Pergolas can also be for those desiring character and style, great for a patio that needs the elegance or a garden in need of a centerpiece.
  • Pavilions: Always the Center of outdoor entertaining, whether dodging the sun, waiting out a summer shower, or sitting down for a meal, a pavilion is the perfect place to sit down under.
  • Playsets: When it comes to variety playsets have hundreds of options available. The vinyl material that the playsets are made from are maintenance free and swings and other features can be adjusted as your child grows. You can also choose from our “built-your-own” option to customize your playset.
  • Furniture: Most of the furniture we sell is made of a poly material (recycled milk jugs). Both our wooden furniture and poly furniture is very durable and made for outdoor use.
  • Chicken coops: These are sure to give your chickens something to cluck about. Choose from a variety of styles and sizes, with a long list of standard features. Or if you prefer, customizing is always an option.

So whether you are sure you are in the market for one of our outdoor-living showcase products or not-so-sure, stop in. Even if you’re not in the market for something, one of our salesmen can answer any questions you may have for when you decide is a good time. So swing by Hometown Structures, have some refreshments, and chat with us. We can’t guarantee that we will not try to sell you something but I can guarantee that your visit will be worth it!


To Gazebo or not to Gazebo?
(that is the question)

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Elis Vizcarrondo
contact author
Elis Vizcarrondo

Gazebo! I don’t know about you but I think gazebo is a FUN word to say. I almost feel like dancing anytime I say it. Then again maybe most of you aren’t as strange as I am and that’s ok, I just feel bad for you. So what do you know about gazebos? If you have seen what a gazebo looks like then you can tell just by looking at it that it is a destination awaiting your arrival which offers great relaxation and peace, away from annoying people and such. Not only that, but it’s almost like love-at-first-sight when you look at a gazebo; its elegance and beauty just draws you to it. There’s no doubt that gazebos, even just the word itself, is shrouded in mystery; who doesn’t like mystery?

Gazebos. A mixture of beauty, elegance, mystery, relaxation and style. Such a vast description, even its origin remains an enigma until this day. In fact, the word “gazebo” has an unknown origin and has no cognates in European languages. False etymologies include the french phrase Que c’est beau (how beautiful) and Macaronic Latin gazebo (I shall gaze). If you haven’t realized this already you should know that I’m going to give you a brief history of the gazebo. History’s fun!! Right?? I don’t know what your answer is but I’m gonna go ahead and give you a brief history anyways.

The Chinese Connection

chinese dragon

So etymologists make an educated guess that the named structure, taking the ending -ebo from latin future tense and adding it to -gaze, so making a hybrid word that might mean “I will look”. Others assume that it is actually of oriental origin, if it is, no one has found its source.

  • While flourishing in the East around the 10th century, China’s gazebos were also quite elaborate.
  • Around the 1700’s England and other parts of Europe got caught up in the craze of chinese-style summer houses-popping up in gardens everywhere.
  • This very fad led to the word “gazebo”- It entered the vocabulary in a 1752 book by William Halfpenny called “New Designs for Chinese Temples”.

Gotta Have It!!

  • stone gazebo
    Stone, Egyptian gazebo

    Like anything else, royalty were the first to have these beautiful structures a little over 5000 years ago in Egyptian gardens.



  • middle age gazebo
    Middle Age gazebo

    In the 14th century France had four gazebos built at the louvre (one of the world’s largest museums)



  • Much like the french fry and french bread, the french style of gazebos influenced those in many other countries including England and other parts of Europe (I know nothing about the history of french fries or french bread, by the way, I’m just really hungry!).



  • early american gazebo
    Early American gazebo


    USA flag
    All our gazebos are made in the USA.

    Gazebos actually did not gain popularity in America until mid 1800’s with the prosperity of the new middle class.

Gazebos were also a status symbol, though they fell out of favor for a bit and returned again in the 1930’s (just like most things in the United States huh?).

Ready for  a trip down memory lane? Here is a list of other things that went out of style and have no business making a comeback. Slap bracelets, skirt over pants, stick on earrings, The popcorn shirt, Fanny packs, patterned wind breakers, toe rings, flare jeans, Huge earrings, jellies, bleached hair on men, scrunchies, turtlenecks, sweater around shoulders, shoulder pads, popped collar, bowl cuts, and the phrase “ugh, as if”.

If any of these brought back fond memories for you then I am happy that I could help with that, but please I beg you, do not bring these back.

  • Gazebos are so much nicer to look at and serve a better purpose than any of these other trends. As houses were being built with grand porches there was no denying the advantage of having to retreat to a separate place, away from the household chaos.
  • In the 1940’s patios came into fashion and edged out gazebos for a while but sometime around the 80’s the gazebo came back with a vengeance.
  • Today they are SPRINGING UP in homes and gardens all over the country. Adaptable to the whims of the designer, they can be round, square, octagonal, or rectangular, small or large, ornate or plain, elegant or rustic.


Gazebos of Today

10' x 16' outdoor vinyl gazebo
Choose from an array of options for the exact look you want

Choose Your Style

  • The wooden gazebos are made from pine and can be stained to your preference of 6 different colors.
  • The vinyl gazebo is a pressure treated southern yellow pine covered with vinyl.
  • Vinyl gazebos have two options for colors, white or ivory.
  • Both of these are hand crafted to your specifications and have real roofs just like the pavilions.
  • Choose from octagon, oval, rectangle, or even dodecagon.
  • Gazebos are especially great for keeping mosquito out with optional screens.
  • Want a ceiling fan or light in the gazebo?? We can install an electrical package for that.
  • Most importantly these are made in the USA!

If you seem to have a lot of time on your hands and are one of those do it yourself kind of person who puts people like me to shame then perhaps the do it yourself approach would be good for you. We can deliver your gazebo fully assembled or just give you the kit for you to do it yourself (well, not for free, but you know what I mean).

I myself dream of owning a beautiful gazebo one of these days. There are many different things one can do to add comfort to a gazebo but I would put a nice hammock in there just to read and relax with a “do not disturb” sign. My wife would not go for this, of course, and I do not read much, but hey I did say that it is a dream.

Seriously though, a gazebo can serve many purposes. Busy gardening? Put the kids in there while you handle your business, this will serve as a great toy room for the time being, especially for toddlers.  Protected by warranty, our local company will take care of you along with your other needs as far as building the gazebo is concerned. So whether you want to stay out of the rain and dry under a gazebo or just want to get out of the sun and eat some lunch with friends or family we can help you obtain the gazebo of your dreams (at least someone’s dreams will come true).

Or maybe your dream is the biggest dream of them all, marriage. What a gorgeous backdrop a gazebo would make for weddings or special events. So whether you just want to relax, enjoy the weather, get away from bugs or kids, want a gazebo to be part of the wedding of your dreams, we are here to meet your needs. Come check us out at Hometown Structures or visit our website

“Friendly craftsmen exceeding expectations every day!”