To Gazebo or Not to Gazebo?

Gazebo! I don’t know about you but I think gazebo is a FUN word to say. I almost feel like dancing anytime I say it. Then again maybe most of you aren’t as strange as I am and that’s ok, I just feel bad for you. So what do you know about gazebos? If you have seen what a gazebo looks like then you can tell just by looking at it that it is a destination awaiting your arrival which offers great relaxation and peace, away from annoying people and such. Not only that, but it’s almost like love-at-first-sight when you look at a gazebo; its elegance and beauty just draws you to it. There’s no doubt that gazebos, even just the word itself, is shrouded in mystery; who doesn’t like mystery?

Gazebos. A mixture of beauty, elegance, mystery, relaxation and style. Such a vast description, even its origin remains an enigma until this day. In fact, the word “gazebo” has an unknown origin and has no cognates in European languages. False etymologies include the french phrase Que c’est beau (how beautiful) and Macaronic Latin gazebo (I shall gaze). If you haven’t realized this already you should know that I’m going to give you a brief history of the gazebo. History’s fun!! Right?? I don’t know what your answer is but I’m gonna go ahead and give you a brief history anyways.

The Chinese Connection

So etymologists make an educated guess that the named structure, taking the ending -ebo from latin future tense and adding it to -gaze, so making a hybrid word that might mean “I will look”. Others assume that it is actually of oriental origin, if it is, no one has found its source.

  • While flourishing in the East around the 10th century, China’s gazebos were also quite elaborate.
  • Around the 1700’s England and other parts of Europe got caught up in the craze of chinese-style summer houses-popping up in gardens everywhere.
  • This very fad led to the word “gazebo”- It entered the vocabulary in a 1752 book by William Halfpenny called “New Designs for Chinese Temples”.
chinese dragon

Gotta Have It!!

Like anything else, royalty were the first to have these beautiful structures a little over 5000 years ago in Egyptian gardens.

middle age gazebo

In the 14th century France had four gazebos built at the louvre (one of the world’s largest museums)

  • Much like the french fry and french bread, the french style of gazebos influenced those in many other countries including England and other parts of Europe (I know nothing about the history of french fries or french bread, by the way, I’m just really hungry!).
stone gazebo
early american gazebo

Gazebos actually did not gain popularity in America until mid 1800’s with the prosperity of the new middle class.

Gazebos were also a status symbol, though they fell out of favor for a bit and returned again in the 1930’s (just like most things in the United States huh?).

Ready for  a trip down memory lane? Here is a list of other things that went out of style and have no business making a comeback. Slap bracelets, skirt over pants, stick on earrings, The popcorn shirt, Fanny packs, patterned wind breakers, toe rings, flare jeans, Huge earrings, jellies, bleached hair on men, scrunchies, turtlenecks, sweater around shoulders, shoulder pads, popped collar, bowl cuts, and the phrase “ugh, as if”.

If any of these brought back fond memories for you then I am happy that I could help with that, but please I beg you, do not bring these back.

  • Gazebos are so much nicer to look at and serve a better purpose than any of these other trends. As houses were being built with grand porches there was no denying the advantage of having to retreat to a separate place, away from the household chaos.
  • In the 1940’s patios came into fashion and edged out gazebos for a while but sometime around the 80’s the gazebo came back with a vengeance.
  • Today they are SPRINGING UP in homes and gardens all over the country. Adaptable to the whims of the designer, they can be round, square, octagonal, or rectangular, small or large, ornate or plain, elegant or rustic.

Gazebos of Today

  • The wooden gazebos are made from pine and can be stained to your preference of 6 different colors.
  • The vinyl gazebo is a pressure treated southern yellow pine covered with vinyl.
  • Vinyl gazebos have two options for colors, white or ivory.
  • Both of these are hand crafted to your specifications and have real roofs just like the pavilions.
  • Choose from octagon, oval, rectangle, or even dodecagon.
  • Gazebos are especially great for keeping mosquito out with optional screens.
  • Want a ceiling fan or light in the gazebo?? We can install an electrical package for that.
  • Most importantly these are made in the USA!
10 x 16 outdoor vinyl gazebo

Choose Your Style

If you seem to have a lot of time on your hands and are one of those do it yourself kind of person who puts people like me to shame then perhaps the do it yourself approach would be good for you. We can deliver your gazebo fully assembled or just give you the kit for you to do it yourself (well, not for free, but you know what I mean).

I myself dream of owning a beautiful gazebo one of these days. There are many different things one can do to add comfort to a gazebo but I would put a nice hammock in there just to read and relax with a “do not disturb” sign. My wife would not go for this, of course, and I do not read much, but hey I did say that it is a dream.

Seriously though, a gazebo can serve many purposes. Busy gardening? Put the kids in there while you handle your business, this will serve as a great toy room for the time being, especially for toddlers.  Protected by warranty, our local company will take care of you along with your other needs as far as building the gazebo is concerned. So whether you want to stay out of the rain and dry under a gazebo or just want to get out of the sun and eat some lunch with friends or family we can help you obtain the gazebo of your dreams (at least someone’s dreams will come true).

Or maybe your dream is the biggest dream of them all, marriage. What a gorgeous backdrop a gazebo would make for weddings or special events. So whether you just want to relax, enjoy the weather, get away from bugs or kids, want a gazebo to be part of the wedding of your dreams, we are here to meet your needs.

“Friendly craftsmen exceeding expectations every day!”