Shed Sweet Shed

Why can’t everything come easy? Well I’m sure that if that were the case we would all become lazy, right? There is a difference though between easy and convenient. Easy involves little to no effort while convenience is more suited towards fitting a person’s needs. Speaking of which, you absolutely NEED to buy a storage shed! I’m just kidding, I won’t coerce you into buying one, not just yet anyways.

Seriously though, think about how convenient owning a shed would be. If you have no idea how then no worries, I have compiled a list of why an awesome Shed from Hometown Structures might be convenient to you. I suppose you could go somewhere else to buy a shed but then you’d be losing out on the greatest customer service and best product around. Besides, who doesn’t enjoy talking to friendly people?

she shed in ma

But if you really need more reasons to buy a shed then here you go:

  • Ladies, it’s like a dog house for your husband!! The shed can be turned into a workshop and more than likely that husband of yours will be out of your hair and in his shed, probably making something for you!! If that’s not a double whammy than I don’t know what is!
  • Husbands, how much do you love your wife? How about getting her a “She Shed”? A perfect place for her to keep whatever it is that she wants in there, and I mean whatever, don’t you question her!! “Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church, and gave himself for it” (Ephesians 5:25).
  • How about a customized little house for the kids (or the in laws)? This will last far far longer than any of those cheap plastic ones and I’m sure the kids would think it would be so cool if it were a replica of your house! I mean,the in laws might not be pleased with the new spare room/house but that’s ok right? (be sure they have plenty of blankets!)

Perhaps you are content with having your spouse bug you and just need the extra storage space. Backyard storage sheds can be customized to your needs and specifications. No size is too small or too big. Need an actual dog house, we build those too (note to wives: husbands will not fit in these)!

“there is no reason that the universe should be designed for our convenience”
This is a great quote, doesn’t say anything about a shed though!!

  • Even if you have a prefab garage, space is very limited. Also, you wouldn’t want anything getting in the way or scratching up your nice Ferrari! Honestly though, who enjoys clutter? Even having a small shed would make things so much more convenient! You could move anything that’s not a car into a shed and not worry about having things in the way.
  • Or maybe you have everything in your basement or attic anyways and have all the space you need. But what a hassle it is once spring and summer come around and you have everything you’ll need in the basement or attic. Rather than having to go up and down those stairs to get your supplies for gardening, lawn care, pool maintenance, or even just the kids toys, why not just have it all in a shed right in your backyard? (unless of course this is the only form of exercise you look forward to every spring and summer)
  • Even worse is if you have everything in storage. Why pay a monthly fee to storage company and risk possibly losing all your belongings? We offer Rent-to-Own and/or 0% financing for 6 months. We can pretty much offer the same service, your possessions can stay close to you, and at the end of it the shed is yours!! No worries, we’ll take good care of your money as if it were our own.
man cave

If any of these reasons to own a shed sound appealing to you then stop in and speak with one of us! Even if you just want to chat we are here, bring some Mrs. Murphy’s donuts if you feel the need. Just a heads up though, if you come just to chat you might leave with a chicken-coop even though you may not have any chickens. Yes, we’re that good.

Get the storage shed you’ve always dreamed of today!