Exterior & Interior She Shed Ideas

beach house she shed ideas

If you are thinking about designing your backyard shed to be the perfect getaway space, these she shed ideas will come in handy. In this article, we will cover everything from the styles of your she shed to the overall design of what you want it to look like. Let’s get started with some general interior she shed ideas!

She Shed Interior Ideas

shelving she shed ideas
  • Shelving – Whether you want to display your photos and accolades or put decorations up…shelves are a great way to do so. 
  • Seating – Chances are, if you are creating a she shed, you will want to spend some relaxing time inside. Getting comfortable seating is going to be key for your she shed!
  • Plants – Plants are a she sheds best friend because of the light that is let in. Your she shed doesn’t need to be a greenhouse but can be brightened by the plant life of your choosing. 
  • Natural Light – The light in your she shed can make it feel bigger and more open! Besides helping your plants to grow, allowing natural light inside can make for a warm and inviting environment.
  • Workspace – Just because it is a space for relaxation doesn’t mean you can’t get work done inside. Adding a desk, chair, or your own version of a workspace can help give you the perfect spot for being on your A game for work.

She Shed Exterior Ideas

modern she shed ideas
  • Windows – We recommend adding more than a standard amount of windows for your she shed. This can also include windows in the ceiling for even more natural light.
  • Doors – Depending on how you want to layout your she shed, multiple doors can be used. A single, double, or even garage door are going to be the top options!
  • Paint – You can paint and design the exterior of your she shed however you want! Whether you have a favorite color, favorite team, or just a color that matches your home…paint is an easy way to change the look of your space. 
  • Decorations – From wreaths in the winter to a flagpost on the front porch…there are a lot of different she shed ideas when it comes to decorating the outside of your structure.

She Shed Ideas: Styles

One of the first things that is important to do for your she shed is to pick the “style” you want it to be. The style of your she shed goes into the way you will be using it. Here are the top she shed uses. To get a little more visual help, check out the she shed ideas on Pinterest.

Potting She Shed Ideas

greenhouse she shed ideas

A potting she shed is used for everything related to plants. If you have a green thumb, you can now create a space used for relaxation and plant life. The personal touch and ability to spend countless hours of time inside is what makes this space different from a traditional garden shed. 

Craft She Shed Ideas

craft she shed ideas

Whether you have a Cricut or just an eye for creating projects and crafts…a craft she shed could be the best option for you. This style of shed could include organizers, tables, and display areas for everything that gets created!

Writing She Shed Ideas

writing she shed ideas

Finding a great spot to write can be challenging. With this she shed idea, a writing space can be easy to find when you have your own quiet area. A writing she shed can be comfortable yet create a productive environment. 

Hobby She Shed Ideas

hobby she shed ideas

No matter what your hobby is, a she shed can be the best place for it! If you are a gamer, we can create a she shed for that. If you like painting a drawing, there are she sheds for that! If you love creating music, why not design yourself a she shed that gives you control over the sound quality of your space?

Office She Shed Ideas

office she shed ideas

More than a simple workspace, a she shed office gives you the ultimate area to be able to be in your own office. House your desk, computer, filing system, whiteboards, break space, and more with your new small office space. 

Art She Shed Ideas

art she shed ideas

A shed that goes a step above crafts, an art she shed gives you the canvas you need for your next big painting. With the right natural light and the tools and materials around you…you could create museum-worthy pieces in your outdoor structure. 

Yoga She Shed Ideas

Yoga She Shed Ideas

One of the best things about working out at home is the money that you save. Creating a yoga she shed that allows you to feel zen and break a sweat will actually save you money in the long run because of gym and class prices. 

Greenhouse She Shed Ideas

greenhouse she shed ideas

Instead of a space to pot your plants, why not create a space to grow everything under the sun? With a passive solar she shed greenhouse, you can grow a lemon tree in Maine in the middle of winter. Find out more about how to do this here

Bar She Said Ideas

bar she shed ideas

Nothing says a gathering space like your very own she shed bar. Instead of going out with friends to spend a crazy amount of money and then trying to figure out how to get home, just invite everyone over to your backyard!

She Shed Ideas: Design

large she shed ideas

These top 4 she shed designs will make your space all the more designed to fit your needs and style. 

  • Modern She Shed Ideas – A modern she shed is a more sleek and sophisticated take on a traditional she shed. These sheds often include a new design and modern interior elements. 
  • Farmhouse She Shed Ideas – This she shed design comes with the classic interior of a traditional farmhouse. From a long table to the decor and style of a working farm, to the added visuals of signs, pictures, and color schemes…the farmhouse she shed invites family to take part in the relaxing atmosphere. 
  • Rustic She Shed Ideas – A rustic she shed combines the layout of a space from years past and the industrialization of the world under one roof. From metalwork decor to all wood furniture, these she sheds are sought after for their timelessness.
  • Beach House She Shed – As if it needed describing, the beach house she shed is the ultimate getaway no matter where your home is located. Create your mini vacation right in your backyard by giving your structure a beach vibe. This includes blue colors, beach furniture, and maybe even a pool to add the water aspect! 

She Shed Questions

interior lighting she shed ideas

There are a lot of questions when it comes to designing and creating she shed ideas and the overall structure. Here are the top questions that need to be answered before you begin. 

What Are She Sheds Used For?

She sheds are generally used as an escape to be able to focus or relax in a new structure on your property. The endless uses depend on the specific person’s needs and desires. 

How Much Does A She Shed Cost?

A she shed ranges in cost from $5,000 – $15,000 depending on the size, style, and add-ons purchased for the shed. 

What Can I Use My She Shed For?

she shed ideas windows

You can use your she shed as you would use any room in your house. Whether you want a room to work out or a place to have zoom meetings, your she shed can abide. 

Does A Shed Shed Add Value To A Home?

Yes! A she shed can add value to your home as an additional structure that can be utilized by the owners. This extra space can often boost the price if you choose to sell your home!

Does A She Shed Need Ventilation?

greenhouse design ideas venting

A she shed does need ventilation. Some she shed ideas for ventilation include ridge vents, windows, gable vents, and a cupola!

How Do You Keep A She Shed Warm In Winter?

You can heat your she shed to keep it warm in the winter if you decide to insulate your structure. Whether you choose to have a space heater or have the heat connected from your home, your she shed can remain at a comfortable temperature all year round. 

Can A She Shed Have A Bathroom?

Yes! You can add on to your shed and have a bathroom, so you don’t need to go back into your house continuously. This will also help you to have a space where you can have everything you need in one location. 

What Should I Have In My She Shed?

You can really put anything you want inside your she shed. We recommend you start with your ideal use of your shed, which will give you a better picture of what to place inside. But truthfully, put anything in your she shed that will bring you joy.

She Shed Ideas For Organization

she shed ideas with loft
  • Loft – A loft is a space like an attic but open in design. You can store extras and nonessentials up in the loft and keep your she shed floor clear of any debris.
  • Bookshelves – This piece of furniture doesn’t have to just store books. Use a bookshelf to store created projects, photos, or any other item you can display!
  • Cabinets – Whether for holding art supplies, tech gear, books, or anything in between…cabinets are perfect for hiding the supplies and “back-end” of the creative process. 
  • Bins – Bins are a great storage option if you only need those select items infrequently throughout the year. They can be stored in a loft or separate space altogether so that your she shed remains uncluttered.
  • Cubbies – Remember cubbies from kindergarten? They actually make great storage for all of your items. Slide the boxes or shelves out to reach all of your supplies. 
  • Shelves – Simple shelves around the ceiling of your she shed can hold books, memories, decor, and other items!

She Shed Landscaping Ideas

she shed ideas for your backyard

We have spent a lot of time talking about the interior she shed ideas, but now it is time to focus on the outside. Here are some things to remember when considering the landscaping and hardscaping for your shed. 

  • Plants & Flowers – Having fresh plants and flowers around your she shed can really draw attention to the overall layout of your structure. Think of it as a tiny home and how you want your property appearance to look!
  • Walkway – Whether this is a walkway from your home to the she shed, or just a walkway leading to the front door of your backyard structure…it gives a nice appearance and can be useful to remain out of the wet grass. 
  • Outdoor Seating – A hardscape area around one side of your she shed could be perfect for an outdoor seating area. Why stay inside the confines of the walls when your whole backyard can be an extension of your space? Put a custom fire pit in the middle for hours of fun and conversation.
  • Driveway – If your she shed is big enough, you may want a driveway leading up to it. Your property may be big enough that in cold or harsh weather, driving up to your space is a lot easier than hiking.

She Sheds For Sale In MA

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Whether you want a traditional shed, greenhouse shed, or finished shed…they all could make excellent she sheds for your property. Check out our current inventory of sheds, or submit a free quote to begin designing your very own custom she shed!