Prefab Pool House Sheds: Everything You Need To Know

A pool house is a perfect complement to your backyard oasis. These simple structures can make it feel like you are on vacation right from the backside of your property. While you are reclining in your chair, you can also be steps away from a kitchen, bathroom, bar, game room, and much more. 

How can the addition of something like this change your backyard dynamic so much? Because one structure can act as any type of space, you want! We are going to take a look at the best ways to design your prefab pool house sheds, some suitable sizes, and everything you need to know before buying yours. 

Let’s go!

What Are Good Sizes Of Prefab Pool House Sheds?

The average size of prefab pool house sheds is 500 square feet. However, a good-size pool house can look very different for you compared with anyone else. The first question you need to ask yourself is, “how do I want to use my pool house”? If you want a guest house, you are going to need a lot more space than a simple bathroom.

As you begin to customize and design your prefab pool house shed, it is also important to remember the entertainment factor. What is the space going to feel like with friends and family inside? It’s always better to overestimate than under. 

Check with your contractor or structure company and get the best intel you can before choosing the size of your pool house. 

What Do People Put In Prefab Pool House Sheds?

People can put everything from furniture to a sauna in their pool house. Prefab pool house sheds can store all of your pool toys or patio furniture when not in use. You can put things for your kids or pets inside as well. A pool house is a space you can really make your own. 

What Is A Prefab Pool House Shed For?

A pool house is a great way to have a spot by your place of relaxation you can make your own. Depending on the layout of your property, walking back to your house from your pool can be arduous and annoying. You also can then track water, mud, or other debris inside. A prefab pool house shed can be designed to be easily cleanable and have features that help you clean off as well.

Does A Prefab Pool House Shed Add Value?

A prefab pool house shed does add value to your home! How much? Well, that will depend on your use. If you create an entertainment room, that will give a prospective buyer that much more reason to choose your home. The more assets and permanent structures your property has, the more value it is said to have.

How Do You Organize A Prefab Pool House Shed?

There are a few ways that you can begin to organize your prefab pool house shed. Each will allow you to have some system or method of keeping your items stored.

  • Hooks – These are a great way to maximize your wall space. If your pool house has an unfinished or attic section, you can fill the walls.
  • Rooms – Dedicating rooms to your organization’s needs is another easy way to keep your pool structure in order. A room for seasonal things, clothes, pool supplies, yard sale items, or anything else can be just what you need.
  • Attic/2nd Level – A junk drawer is to a kitchen what attic space is to a prefab pool house shed. Keep your pool house organized by putting the un-organization in your attic!
  • Bins – Both outdoor and indoor bins can be very helpful when organizing your prefab pool house shed. The standard pool bin for floats, toys, and games somewhere outside is an excellent addition to any pool. Compliment that with indoor storage bins for everything else, and you are set to go!
  • Built-in Shelves – Whether it’s extra towels, floaties, home items, or the poolside basketball hoop…you can always make use of built-in shelves in your pool house to be able to have a system for your storage.

Do Prefab Pool House Sheds Have Bathrooms?

They most certainly can. You can outfit your prefab pool house shed with a bathroom to make changing and getting ready after a lot easier. We all know it is frustrating to have guests walking through your home while soaking wet to find a bathroom. Eliminate the frustration by putting a bathroom in your new pool structure.

Want to work out? Do a couple of laps in the pool and quickly shower afterward before going out to dinner. You can also utilize the pool house bathroom yourself and get ready for the rest of your day! 

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Prefab Pool House Shed In Your Backyard?

A prefab pool house shed can cost anywhere from $5,000 – $140,000. I’m sure that doesn’t help you, but the high range is because you can do so much with this structure. Here are three pricing levels to keep in mind as you browse and get quotes.

  • Level 1: Simple Prefab Pool House Shed – You can have a simple structure (like a shed) placed near your pool to give room for storage. A shed with the capacity for all of your pool equipment and possibly a changing area doesn’t need to break the bank. Finished storage sheds can run from $5,000 to $10,000 depending on the features and add-ons you pick. 
  • Level 2: Upgraded Prefab Pool House Shed – The next tier up would include things like a bathroom and/or multiple rooms downstairs. This type of pool house could be compared to the size of a detached garage. Plumbing and electricity are commonly found in these pool houses, which increases the price range to $8,000-$20,000. These are the most common types of pool houses because of their versatility and multi-use functionality. A makeshift guest room can also be the main feature. 
  • Level 3: Deluxe Prefab Pool House Shed – The final tier of pool houses can include anything else you could dream. These pool houses generally feature a 2nd level, electricity, plumbing, bedrooms, kitchens, etc. These are meant not only for storage but for long periods of habitation. The price range on these is going to be $25,000+.

2-Story Prefab Pool House Sheds

Ready to take your pool house to the next level? Adding a second story could be just what you need. A 2nd story can be used for guest quarters, extra storage, a dining room, a workout space, and more!

Prefab Pool House Shed Interior Ideas

Utilize some of these ideas to make your pool house pop! Let us know how we can help you take some of these ideas and merge them with yours!

Changing Area

A simple private room to change for swimming could be all you need in your prefab pool house shed. It could even be outdoors! With a custom outdoor shower head, you can rinse off and change to continue with your day.

Guest House

A guest house is a great way to allow your loved ones to stay at your home! Now, when the grandparents visit, they can have their own little vacation spot to unwind after a long day. If you have friends from out of town coming, this is a great place to have them set up. 

A guest house can also be great for adult kids. As they come home from college or are looking to transition into the workforce, a guest house can be a great temporary space. That way, they begin to feel adulthood ushering in.

Prefab Pool House Shed Bar

A pool house bar can be a way to entertain your guests and create a fun environment without needing to go to the house. This feature will give you a way to store food and drinks right from the comfort of your pool. Whether you have taps or just a small refrigerator, it will be great to enjoy snacks and drinks with friends and family.


A simple “garage-like” pool house is all you need to be able to house your belongings. Using your pool structure for storage keeps the clutter away from your actual home and gives it a proper space in your backyard. Depending on what type of storage you want to do, things like; mowers, furniture, appliances, extra food, and more can go in your storage area.


The ultimate need for any prefab pool house shed is a way to clean off all of the chlorine. After swimming for minutes or hours, a simple way to rinse off that is nearby is very helpful. You can also utilize this after working in the yard all day. Come in from mowing and weed whacking to rinse off before going back inside. 

All in all, this is a great way to keep the dirt and grime out of your home.

Game Room

You do not have to be a kid to love playing games. When you say game room, it could mean so many different things. You could feature a pool table, foosball table, vintage video games, new video games, projectors, air hockey, and much more. With a game room, you can have a space to relax and also have a ton of fun.


A kitchen is a step up from the prefab pool house shed bar idea. This would be a fully functioning way to feed your guests! While this picture is a pergola, you can also have a pool structure that can include a stove, oven, fridge, microwave, air fryer, and more! This also pairs well when you have guests staying in your pool house. Traveling up and down from pool house to home can be tiresome for people staying with you. 

A kitchen also opens up a world of possibilities when it comes to entertaining. You can rent out this space for events like grad parties or receptions. You can even host family events with the accompaniment of your new prefab pool house shed! You don’t have to charge for the space then :).


Another great way to relax is by putting a sauna in your new prefab pool house shed. Saunas can give you the heat and rejuvenation you need to start the day. Dedicating one of your pool house rooms for the ultimate relaxing experience could be just what you need. 

Exercise Room

Another simple idea for a prefab pool house shed is an exercise room. Fill the space with equipment, mirrors, TVs, or anything you need to be able to work out. What better way to stay in shape than working out in your new pool house overlooking your backyard?

Open Dining

The open dining room concept is a new way to enjoy meals with family and friends. With this idea, the prefab pool house shed becomes the dining room. With numerous doors, windows, and ceiling fans…it actually creates an amazing and open feel. The breeze and natural light make it feel like you are dining on vacation.

Prefab Pool House Shed Customer Story

Furnished Backyard Escape w/ Pool, Hot Tub, Pavilions, Pool Houses, & More!

We had the privilege of constructing a beautiful backyard oasis for our friend Doug. His pool house consisted of a great storage area for towels and a changing space. He also added the fun feature of a lost and found. 

Doug and his family have so many people coming to use the pool that there would often be things left behind. A lost and found area was the perfect addition to Doug’s space.

Prefab Pool House Shed Conclusion

Do you have ideas or features you want to include in your prefab pool house shed? We would love to work with you to build a unique structure for you and your family! Even if you think your idea is crazy, we want to hear it! 

We have seen and built thousands of structures over the years, so we have picked up on some key things. If you are looking for a pool house, we would be happy to be the people that build it for you. We also have a variety of different backyard structures that can be used to enhance your property! From greenhouses to garages…we have you covered.

Get a free quote or call us today for more information! Happy building!