Prefab Greenhouse Sheds: Garden vs Passive Solar

5 perks of prefab greenhouse shed

Do you have friends that just seem to be able to grow anything and everything in their gardens? They invite you over for dinner using all the food they grew in their backyard. And somehow, you struggle to grow one zucchini all year.


Are you the type of person that absolutely loves being outside? Does growing your own food and plants bring you a vast amount of joy? Your only problem is that growing outdoors is very seasonal. Torrential rains and cold winters can bring disaster to your garden.

We know that it can be tough to keep up with the hobby/lifestyle of growing, and we are here to help! Our 2 prefab greenhouse sheds will allow you space to create and cultivate life. If you are in need of a greenhouse or are just looking for a different method of growing, read on to find out how you can achieve a bountiful garden this year! Our 2 prefab greenhouse shed options are:

  1. Passive Solar
  2. Garden Shed
prefab greenhouse shed interior

Perks Of Prefab Greenhouse Sheds

We would be remiss if we didn’t first address the topic of greenhouses in general. Here are a few perks of owning your own greenhouse!

  1. Create a custom climate with a prefab greenhouse shed right in your yard. Give your plants, veggies, herbs, and fruit the perfect climate to flourish.
  2. Extend your growing season with a greenhouse. Whether you choose the natural approach or you heat by way of electricity and fuel…despite those cold winters, you will be able to grow right through them.
  3. Grow plants and food that don’t otherwise exist in your area/climate. Do you enjoy foods and plants from various parts of the world? With a greenhouse, you can create a home for plants from all different types of ecosystems.
  4. Protect your garden from the weather. Mother nature can get pretty crazy at times. It is always good to have an extra layer of protection around your plants.

Keep pests away from your plants! No matter the season, make sure rodents and insects do not ruin what you took the time to create.

prefab greenhouse shed plant options

Just like with anything in life, a list of perks cannot be complete without a list of things on the opposite end. Let’s check out some of the tougher parts of owning a greenhouse.

Prefab Greenhouse Sheds: The Obstacles

The main obstacles of owning your own prefab greenhouse shed, deal with the topics of time and money. Here is what we mean. 

  1. You get out of it what you put into it. Greenhouses are unfortunately not magic boxes that you put seeds into to make huge plants. You are the gardener! You still need to steward your garden well for things to grow well. Greenhouses give you the perfect place to do that, but you still need to spend the time!
  2. The cost of a prefab greenhouse shed is evidently more than just planting a garden outside. If you are just starting to grow, or just beginning the journey of gardening, it may not be wise to buy a greenhouse before you even know if you enjoy the process.
  3. Heating is an additional item. Heating a greenhouse is done in a few methods…each one being an additional step of owning a greenhouse. If you want the ability to grow all year, every year, you will need to heat your prefab greenhouse shed.
prefab greenhouse shed heat exchanger
Underground Heat Exchanger

If you have tested the waters of gardening and are ready to put in the time to grow something beautiful, check out our 2 options of prefab greenhouse sheds below!

Garden Shed Greenhouse

open garden shed greenhouse

Our first greenhouse option is the Garden Shed Greenhouse. This prefab greenhouse shed is customizable based on our 2 shed models; Keystone and New England.

The customizable options include:

>Poly Carb Roofing – Allow your greenhouse to be filled with the rays of sunlight perfect for all plants. While a big window will provide the light, the polycarbonate will disperse that light into the wavelength that plants love.

>Windows – We can give you the windows you need for extra sunlight and style!

>Doors – Whether double or single, bring plants of all shapes and sizes inside

>Venting – when your greenhouse gets a little too warm, make sure to have the venting options to cool it down.

If you want anything additional added to your Garden Shed Greenhouse, feel free to ask! Also included with the purchase of this prefab greenhouse shed are…

>50-Year LP Siding

>30-Year Collapse From Snow Warranty

prefab greenhouse shed garden side

Another option available with this shed style is the shell. If you just want the bare basics of a greenhouse for a DIY project, we can make that happen!

With the indoor space that this greenhouse offers, hanging shelves or setting up tables will be no problem. Create aisles separating your plants and edible landscaping. 

Solar Greenhouse

The 2nd model of prefab greenhouse sheds that we offer is the solar greenhouse. This greenhouse is specifically designed to be a “passive solar greenhouse” using heating methods that are not electric or fossil fuels. In the photos of our passive solar greenhouse, we use an underground heat exchanger to heat and also help cool the prefab greenhouse shed. You can also try big barrels of water or thermal curtains. For more information on ways to maintain the temperature of your greenhouse, check out our blog, How to Heat a Greenhouse.


With the polycarbonate south-facing wall to maximize the sun, this greenhouse is the perfect style for renewable growth and energy

The customizable options of the passive solar prefab greenhouse shed include:

>Polycarbonate Wall – The wall will face south on this style of greenhouse because, in the northern hemisphere, that is where a majority of sunlight comes from.

>Venting Styles – This includes windows that open, soffit vents, ridge vents, and the underground heat exchanger

>Underground Heat Exchanger – Automatically heat and cool your prefab greenhouse shed by allowing air to flow down when warm, and up when cold

>Insulated Walls and Ceiling – Keep your greenhouse temperature to the degree that you want it with insulation

If you want to see the solar prefab greenhouse shed up close, check out this video where Joel walks you through all of the exterior and interior aspects!

Also included with the purchase of a passive solar greenhouse are…

>50-Year LP Siding

>50-Year Collapse From Snow Warranty

inside the prefab greenhouse shed
Passive Solar Greenhouse Shed (Walk-Through Tour) - Growing Year Round In MA!


Whether you have been able to grow well during the spring and summer, or you are looking to really step up your growing…a prefab greenhouse shed is a great way to accomplish both. With a greenhouse, you have all the control. Regulate the temperature, water consumption, sunlight, space, and style of what you get to grow.

Reach out to us for a free quote, and to begin talking about what we can do for you to make the greenhouse tailored to your needs. Never watch a groundhog eating your lettuce again. Say goodbye to overwatered gardens. Don’t worry about things like lantern flies when it comes to the food that you are going to feed your family. Grow all year, every year with one of our prefab greenhouse sheds. Request a free quote today!