Pavilion vs Pergola

Hi! Yea it’s me again. Don’t worry though I won’t be trying to sell you anything this time. Ok, that’s not entirely true, but I’m only doing this because I care about you. I’m here to relieve you from stress, to make you feel at ease, and to make your life decisions a little easier. Well not all decisions but definitely helping you decide between a pergola or pavilion. Decisions can be hard to make sometimes and let’s face it, there are days when some of us just don’t want to adult, adulting just isn’t fun sometimes but that’s ok we will help with some of the responsibilities at no cost to you!! Unless of course if you buy something, but that’s beside the point.

If you have a yard, there is no doubt you have been thinking about ways to make it more attractive. At Hometown Structures we have a number of options that will beautify your yard. Choosing between a pergola or pavilion will definitely make you the talk of your neighborhood, in a good way of course. And if you are one of those people that just likes to show off, no worries I’m sure that there are still good things being said about you. Nonetheless, with a pavilion or pergola in your yard, the friends that you do have will feel welcomed by the captivating elegance of your new structure.

So… Pergola or Pavilion?

When comparing both the pavilion vs pergola, a few similarities and differences arouse including the following:

  • Pavilions offers a real roof that can shelter you from rain
  • With a pavilion, you have the option of selecting a metal roof
  • Though pergolas do not have a solid roof we offer a canopy option that can also keep out the rain and provide shade.
  • Canopies on a pergola are retractable so you can enjoy the sun shining through on a beautiful day

Taking a closer look at the Pergola and Pavilion, you can notice their different looks and uses. Below you can find the uses for both of the outdoor living structures and what makes them unique.


-Pergolas are great for avid gardeners, certain plants can thrive on conditions offered by a pergola

-Good for hops, wisteria, ivy, clematis, or grapevines

-Pergolas add more character and style

-Ask about a lattice for extra shade.

-Enjoy the fresh air while remaining cool under extra shade


-Serves as a great entertainment outlet

-Great for Grill area

-Great for a picnic area

-Great for a lounge or pool area

What About Both?

  • Both structures are typically free-standing, but ask about attaching to your house
  • They can both increase home value. Pergolas especially are a desirable addition sought out by many who are seeking a new home
  • Both structures will most certainly make your home stand out
  • You can add drapes or curtains to both for more privacy
  • Both have a variety of styles to choose from

So you say you still can’t decide? Well, then that might be a problem. But you know what they say, when you can’t decide just go with both! I know I know, the money, but what if we could work out a deal with you? Hey, anything is possible in this crazy world right we have current events to prove that. Seriously though, do not hesitate in asking one of us here how it is that we can help you, we strive at helping you get the structure not only that you need but that is perfect for you.

Stop in at Hometown Structures today and let us know how we can help you out. You can also visit our website to check out what it is that we have available on the lot right now.