Outdoor Swing Sets: Safety & Features

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Concord 5′ x 5′ Playset

Swing sets are a great way to have your children outdoors and stay active. There are different material types of outdoor swing sets; the two common types are wooden swing sets and vinyl swing sets. An outdoor swing set can create beautiful outdoor memories for your child. It will help grow relationships between friends, and it is a great way to bond and get together with friends and family for quality time.

A lot of kids love being outdoors and especially during the summer months. They can play and laugh together until the sun goes down. Staying active and on the move all the time helps with reducing the risks of obesity and diabetes. Children can gain stronger muscles by playing with the outdoor swing set too!

Benefits Of Outdoor Swing Sets

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There are multiple benefits of playing outdoors and staying active. Here are some benefits of playing on the outdoor swing set. 

  • Playing on swing sets can increase your child’s ability to cooperate and understand rules.
  • Increases creativity and imagination in kids’ mindsets, which will improve mental wellness. 
  • Development of overall motor skills, dexterity, and hand-eye coordination.
  • It increases the child’s opportunities to learn how to control their movements.
  • It will boost your child’s self-confidence and self-esteem. They will feel accomplished once finish playing with the set. 
  • It creates social awareness. 
  • It promotes lung function and a healthy heart. 

There are many more benefits for kids playing outside and playing together.  On the outdoor playset, your child will learn to be patient by taking turns playing with other kids. This helps to promote a better way to learn the skill of resolving conflict. Of course, kids are going to have misunderstandings while playing, but they can also learn how to come together and resolve their differences.  

Here are a few things to know and consider before purchasing an outdoor playset. 

Outdoor Swing Set Safety

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You might want to consider the age group of your children before purchasing an outdoor swing set. A play set that is built to specifically accommodate their skills will be better because the kids will enjoy playing with the elements they love, and on a swing set that is constructed to meet their needs. It is not wise to let young children play on the outdoor swing set without adult supervision, regardless, however. When kids play, they can play without consideration of potential risks sometimes, so accidents may happen. Check out Swing Set Safety for more tips on outdoor playsets.

Also, consider the place where you’re placing the outdoor swing set. Make sure it is placed on a soft surface and not concrete. If it is placed on concrete ground, it might cause serious injuries if your child falls on the surface. Also, a good surface will help the outdoor swingset last you a long time. Recommended ground surfaces are rubber safety mats, mulch, wood chips, or sand.

Common Safety Tips While Swinging

  • No jumping while the swing is moving.
  • One person at a time on the sing.
  • Do not twist the swing. 

Outdoor Swing Set Sizes

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It is important to know what size outdoor swing set you want to purchase for your children. This is in reference to the length and extras of the swingset, but also a reference to the swingset platform (also called a deck). A deck that is high enough for your kids will be more exciting and enjoyable; plus, they also won’t outgrow their outdoor swing set as quickly. The square foot of the deck is important, most manufacturers make decks that can hold 1-2 kids maximum, but you might want a bigger deck size. Having ample space will make it easier for more kids to get on the outdoor swing set at once. 

Quality Outdoor Swing Sets

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When purchasing anything, you first need to make sure it has good and reliable quality. You don’t want to purchase just anything without checking durability first. It is crucial to consider the quality of your outdoor swing set because you’re paying for it. Ask these questions! Is it durable? Is the wood strong enough? Is the vinyl going to last over time? How do you properly care for this swingset in terms of maintenance?

Outdoor Swing Set Assembly

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Before purchasing the outdoor swing set, consider who will be responsible to assemble the playset for you. Some outdoor playsets can be difficult to assemble, which is why you need to do your research before you purchase in order to avoid inconveniences. A pre-built outdoor play set can save you a lot of time.

Another factor to consider is whether you can remove the toddler swings and exchange them for older kids’ swings. Are other added options removable so that you can accommodate older ages? Or will the added options work for kids older than toddlers?

Hometown Structure’s Outdoor Swing Sets In MA

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At Hometown Structures, we offer two different material types of outdoor playsets: Wooden Swing Sets, and Vinyl Swing Sets. The Wooden Swing set is a heavy-duty set that can be customizable with different features to ensure a very enjoyable playset for your kids. The Vinyl swing set brings a modern look to your backyard. The vinyl helps in reducing the risk of your kids getting hurt from splinters as well. These outdoor sets come in different color options, styles, and other fun options. 

Learn more about these wooden and vinyl outdoor swing sets from Hometown Structures by visiting the playset pages, Just click the button below!