8 Of The Best Modern Backyard Ideas + Designs

The feel of a home can often be dictated by the outside property. If you have ever been in the market to buy a house, you may have been able to rule some out just by looking at the yard and landscaping. Whether you enjoy entertaining or you simply want an oasis to call your own…these simple modern backyard ideas can help you decide what to do with that fun space.

What is a modern backyard? This is open to a lot of interpretation. “Modern” can mean different things depending on who you ask. In this case, a modern backyard is a backyard that is stylistically relevant to the day and age in which you are reading this. 

These modern backyard ideas use different features, structures, and landscaping to make them visually appealing and enjoyable to be in. This could include decks, patios, pergolas, pavilions, sheds, firepits, gazebos, playsets, or greenhouses. We are going to take a look at each of these and figure out how to create the best modern backyard for you!

Modern Backyard Ideas: Decks

If you are struggling to figure out how to get started with the modern backyard ideas list, a deck may be a great place to start. When it comes to creating a modern deck space, there are generally 2 options. 

  • Less Is More – If you have a smaller deck space and want to modernize the feel, sometimes adding one or 2 elements can do the trick. A table with an umbrella could be all you need to give your space the refresh you have been looking for.
  • Go Big Or Go Home – On the other hand, if you have the ability to do more…you definitely can. If the deck off of your house has room, you can set up “stations.” The separation of uses on your back deck can give a modern feel to your property. For example, sections for a bar, lay-out chairs, tables, chairs, a fire pit, or a grill could segment your modern deck into looking unique.

As you are purchasing furniture for your backyard, remember that these pieces can make or break your modern feel. A modern backyard deck or patio with outdated furniture will still give the feel of an older style that you may not want.

Modern Backyard Ideas: Patios

A modern backyard patio is a more modern version of the classic back deck. Instead of a heightened wooden structure, think of stone and pavers. Depending on the layout of your yard, it may be a multi-leveled patio, giving it some dimension and style options. 

Continue to think about maximizing the space. In modern style, 90% of the time…less is more. On a patio, you can house just as many things as on a deck, but you also have the option to build in your elements. For example, the patio below has a wall around the fire pit that is permanent. It also doubles as permanent seating around the fire. With stone, you can custom-build an area for a grill too! Stone patios are a great way to give your backyard that modern look. 

Modern Backyard Ideas: Pergolas

A pergola could sound like something from the past, but it can actually be a huge part of a modern backyard. When paired with a patio, a pergola can give your yard that extra spark. Give yourself some shade, or simply create a cozier space to relax with an inside feel. 

With the option to give your pergola electricity, latticework, and covers…you can really customize this structure to fit your style while feeling modern at the same time. Pergolas are available in wood and vinyl and don’t have to be right next to water or pools. In our list of modern backyard ideas, we have seen pergolas featured over seating areas, and outdoor kitchen areas as well. Explore in-stock options here!

Modern Backyard Ideas: Sheds

Modern sheds are extremely popular right now. Whether used for home offices, workout spaces, or anything in between…sheds help to complete the modern backyard ideas list. Sometimes called Cozy-pods, these sheds are completely finished on the inside. This allows you to create an area for whatever you need!

Common examples of uses for a backyard modern shed include office space, an entertainment room, and an additional suite. For an extended list of examples, we have found this to be very fun and helpful. Even a simple storage shed can have a modern look like this lean-to shed. Most of your modernization will happen close to the house, but sheds are a great way to help tie in the rest of your yard to the modern theme. Explore in-stock options for modern sheds here

Modern Backyard Ideas: Fire Pits

The fire pit may be the most inviting out of all of the modern backyard ideas. Having a fire pit is like having a big sign that says, “Come make smores here.” The memories with friends and family that are created around a fire speak for themselves. This is one of the main accessories that can tie everything in your modern backyard together. 

There are multiple options when it comes to getting your perfect modern fire pit. One of the options we discussed earlier is building a permanent fire pit on your patio. You then have complete control of how it looks and where to set up your seating around it.

You can also buy a moveable fire pit online or in a store. This option leaves room for error when trying to figure out which ones are good quality. The non-permanent fire pits also succumb to the weather faster than the permanent ones. If you leave your metal or wooden firepit uncovered, it could rust or rot out. However, this will be the less expensive option. 

Whatever option you choose, give your modern backyard the comfortable touch of a fire pit.

Modern Backyard Ideas: Gazebos

Gazebos are a step up from pergolas because they give additional walls for a more intimate feel. Gazebos can be used for just decoration or for extra space to spend time. The latter is how Gazebos are used in modern backyards. The former is how gazebos of the past would have been used. 

Modern gazebos can be equipped with screens and electricity to really step-up your outdoor living experience. Putting a dining table and chairs inside is not uncommon for fresh-air meals during the spring, summer, and fall months. Available in wood and vinyl, these structures can also be used as a separate backyard section.
Because of the size of certain gazebos, a modern backyard can feature a patio and a walkway to your gazebo. This creates an entirely unique and separate section for your backyard. With the extra space, you can entertain a multitude of guests, host a family wedding, or even put a kitchen in your modern gazebo! Check out some in-stock options here!

Modern Backyard Ideas: Playsets

There is no written rule that says you cannot use the modern backyard ideas list if you have small children. You can still have a modern-styled property even when it feels like nice things can get broken all the time. Playsets are generally available in wood and vinyl, with the 2nd choice being the more modern. This is a little backward from most other modern structures that you can place in your backyard. 

Modern playsets can include swings, slides, monkey bars, climbing nets, and a clubhouse. This will give your kids a great place to play while you are relaxing under your pergola. It also helps to create another usable structure for your backyard. When it comes to modern backyards, usability is valued over decoration most of the time. 

Modern Backyard Ideas: Greenhouses

The last structure on our modern backyard ideas list is the greenhouse. Greenhouses are amazing ways to take your growing ability to the next level. The unique design of the new greenhouses allows your backyard to be transformed into your own personal forest. From herbs and flowers to vegetables and shrubs, modern greenhouses give yet another opportunity for a usable feature in your backyard. 

Available in multiple styles and sizes, these greenhouses can be equipped with heat and automatic windows for the most profitable growth. Using only natural energy for your greenhouse is another way to modernize your backyard. Renewable energy and edible landscaping are modern ways to garden in the 21st century. Interested in learning more about greenhouses? This is a great place to start!

Doug’s Dream Modern Backyard

See how Doug achieved his modern backyard by combining multiple structures! Now he is able to invite the whole neighborhood over to swim!

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Modern Backyard Ideas: Conclusion

No matter what you decide to put in your backyard, we have talked about multiple things to make it modern. Let’s take a look at the broken-down version of the modern backyard ideas list discussed above. 

  • Small Space = Fewer Accessories
  • Large Space = More Accessories
  • Make Everything Useable
  • Section Your Backyard
  • Permanent Fixtures Win
  • Furniture Can Make/Break The Modern Feel
  • From Kids To Adults, Anything Can Feel Modern

The last piece of advice is to make sure you like it. That may seem obvious, but if you are going for a modern backyard feel and you hate it…change it! Don’t keep it a certain way just because you believe that is what is in style. Create your own version of a modern backyard by putting some of yourself into the style and design. 

Overall, create a space that does what you want. Do you want a space to entertain others? Create it. Do you want a space to relax and recharge? Create it! Creating a modern backyard will benefit you today, as well as your property, forever. Increase your pleasure and increase the value of your home with a modern backyard today!