How Much Does A Shed Cost?

Sheds can vary in terms of cost, and there are different aspects of a shed that determine the cost of the shed. For example, storage sheds can vary in sizes, styles, and options that affect their final cost.

We are going to take you through the entire cost for a shed, beginning with the foundation (which needs to be prepared prior to having your shed delivered). If you want to learn more about shed delivery and what that entails, check out our blog.

The Cost of a Shed Foundation

Preparing the site where the shed will be placed has a couple of factors involving the type of site prep (including gravel or concrete), the location of the site preparation, and the permits needed to begin preparing the site. See the details below to estimate your shed site prep cost.

For a shed foundation, generally, gravel is the better option of the two for a few reasons. One, the gravel provides a better drainage system than a concrete base which allows for less decay and rotting.

Secondly, a gravel shed pad results in less water splashing onto your shed, preventing damage to your paint and exterior. Instead, the gravel soaks up the rain into the ground preventing the water from ever building up and splashing onto the shed.

Finally, the cost of gravel is cheaper than concrete. A traditional gravel pad that would suffice the foundation of your shed typically costs $3.75 to $6.75 per square foot in comparison to a simple floating concrete pad which costs $6 to $9 per square foot.  If the shed you choose does not require a concrete pad (which most do not), a gravel pad will save you money and provide additional protection to your storage shed.

Site Location

There are a couple of factors that determine the cost of the shed location. Preparing the site on a slope will cost you more money than if the shed was on a flat surface because of the extra materials used in order to flatten the slope out.

Another area to look at regarding the cost of a shed foundation is checking if there is access to your projected shed foundation spot. If there is something that would interfere with the preparation of the shed site, you would need to have that removed. To ensure you are saving the most on-site preparation costs, remove anything that may be blocking access to the site preparation space.
Contact a local shed site preparation expert to get the most accurate costs for your specific shed.

The Cost of the Shed

Now we are going to be looking at the costs of the components that go into storage sheds. The biggest factors of cost in a storage shed are what makes up the shed. This includes the style of shed you get, the size, which siding you prefer, and much more.

Shed Style

Shed companies often have a series or collection from which you can shop from. Most shed companies have affordable sheds you can choose from by either customizing your own or shopping from inventory sheds. You can also shop the “premier” selection of sheds which are usually the higher class and offer more features and options. Hometown Structures offers 4 series of storage sheds that range in price.

Shed Size

The shed size is another large factor in determining the cost of the shed. Nine times out of ten, you are going to need a size for your specific needs, which is why you should factor the cost of the shed size into your budget.

New England Cape Shed Prices Per Size

SizeT1-11 CostsVinyl Costs

Now that you have a rough average of the cost difference per shed size, what are some other factors of the shed size that can affect the price? Well, there are a couple, including a loft and a second-floor option. Even though these three different size options do not affect the shed dimensions, they are still an optional upgrade you can add to your shed to increase storage space.


Photo: WoodenPlayScapes

A loft is an additional level in your shed, which is incorporated into the roof area to add more space. Plenty of people use lofts to store the more expensive and/or lighter items and to create more floor space. See the pricing for the different loft sizes below.

Loft SizeJoist Size4′ Loft Depth6′ Loft Depth

Second Floor

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Another possible factor to consider for your shed is a second-floor space, especially if you plan on turning it into a studio or workshop. Second-floor space costs could vary depending on the size of your storage shed.

For example, in a 12×12 Homestead Hampshire T1-11 Shed, the cost to add a second-floor space is about $2,500, whereas an 18×20 Homestead Hampshire T1-11 Shed would run you a little over $6,000 for the second-floor space.

Shed Siding

The siding plays a big role in protecting the shed from rain, snow, wind, and other strong weather elements. Also, if you wish for your shed to accent or match your home, it can be customized to ensure the ideal color and type of siding for a perfect harmony of your property’s buildings.

The two default sidings you can choose from are T1-11 (wood) and vinyl siding. Both are very popular siding styles for sheds and are similar in pricing. However, vinyl is a bit more expensive.

T1-11 vs Vinyl

Vinyl and T1-11 siding are two of the most popular sidings on a storage shed and are exactly the two sidings that are used to construct a shed from Hometown Structures.

When comparing the costs between the two sidings, the amount is not drastic. Vinyl can cost anywhere from $2.50 to $6.25 per square foot more than T1-11.

Another thing to note is that the price per square foot gets larger as the building gets larger because of the number of materials used. The labor time to install vinyl is longer than T1-11 installation, which is another reason the price is higher than T1-11.

Shed Roof

Photo: Pioneer Home Solutions

Shed roof costs are another factor to consider when determining the shed cost. Two of the most popular roofing materials offered on sheds are shingles and metal. Shingle roofs are definitely cheaper than metal roofs. Read on to understand the reasons behind a shingle roof’s lower cost. 

Metal roofs tend to be more durable than shingle roofs, which helps contribute to the longevity of a shed. Metal roofs are also more eco-friendly, which is definitely a positive.

What’s the cost difference between metal roofing and shingle roofing? Shingle roofing costs anywhere from $1.50 to $5.50 per square foot, depending on the size of your shed. A metal roof can run you anywhere from $9 to $12 per square foot also, depending on the size.

If you are looking for the most affordable and easy-to-maintain roof…shingles are definitely a great option for you.

How Much Does a Shed Cost If It Has Additional Options?

Now that you have a rough idea of what it costs to assemble the shed, it is time to look at the additional options/features that can be implemented into the shed. 

There are many things that can be added to a shed to make it more helpful and useful for you. Many of these items include doors, windows, window boxes, cupolas, and dormers.

Doors & Windows

Shed doors and windows can vary in price depending on the company from which you are purchasing. At Hometown Structures, a typical T1-11 single wooden door would cost you $200. For a standard fiberglass single slab door, you could be looking at $225.

Depending on how many doors you would like in your shed and whether they are upgraded or not can slightly adjust the price too. Once you have selected the door of your choice, it is time to select the windows. A standard 18×36 single-pane window will cost you $75. However, if you plan to add a more stylish type of window, the transom window costs about $50. Transom windows are typically placed above the doors for a more aesthetic look.


Shed dormers are a very popular addition to a shed for many reasons. They extend the living space with some height and width to allow for more space, natural sunlight, and an aesthetic view. So, how much does a shed dormer go for? Well, that depends on the size and style of the dormer. We offer six shed dormers that can be customized to your desired storage shed.

Shed dormers are available in either T1-11 or vinyl buildings. So, whichever shed siding you select, the dormer will share the same siding material. As stated above, vinyl costs more than T1-11, so you can expect to pay more for a vinyl dormer as well.

See our price table below for an example of dormer pricing on one of our shed dormers.

Width of ShedT1-11 Dormer CostVinyl Dormer Cost

Explore Your Future Shed Today

Now that you know the cost of a shed and its options, it is time to research, prepare, and get started on your own. Explore our selection of storage sheds and find the one that fits your style. If you still have questions regarding the cost of a shed, please contact us directly at (413) 562-7171 or by filling out a form.

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