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Find shelter at our Open House

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Ahh, yes, April shower – an almost sure sign that spring is here. And while I like rain because rain is water, which I like to drink (water I mean not rain), I’m sure hoping that it doesn’t rain on our parade, and by parade I mean Open House which is coming up on April 6, 7, and 8. Speaking of which, Have you ever wondered, “if April showers bring May flowers then what do May flowers bring?” Well, wonder no more! I, ladies and gentlemen, have the answer to this profound and ever puzzling question. The answer right after these messages. Oh wait, I’m not on TV am I? Nonetheless, you’ll have to endure my spiel about how wonderful spring is before I give the answer.

2017 open house calendar
Mark your calendar!

Mmm, I can almost already smell the hot-dogs and burgers on the grill, which we will have at our Open House. Spring is such a great reminder of all the good things we have missed because of all the obnoxious snow. If snow were warm, I’d actually be cool with it, actually not really, because it would be warm, and melted, and basically water, which I like. Alright, alright so I guess the winter and snow aren’t that bad. But if you think about it, spring is great! The barbecues, the flowers, the birds, the tag sales, the mosquitoes. Ok, maybe not mosquitoes, but don’t let that stop you from enjoying a nice evening out in your yard. We have just the solution!

One word… GAZEBO! I still want to dance every time I hear that word. Gazebos offer the option of a roof and a screen, and would even be great on a deck. And check this out…

2016 gazebo award

We have a large selection of gazebos in both wood and vinyl on our lot now along with some pergolas, pavilions, sheds, chicken coops, and playsets. Bring the whole family to come check out our selection. We will have a bounce house, playsets for kids to try out, FREE food, and discounts! I know that it’s been such a crazy winter so let us help you wind down this spring while you sit under one of our beautiful structures. I know that most of your backyards still look like this…

gazebos on our lot on a snowy day

But no worries because soon all your problems will melt away and look like this…

gazebos on our lot on a sunny day

Whether you are sure you are in the market for one of our outdoor-living showcase products or not-so-sure, stop in. Even if you’re not in the market for something, one of our salesmen can answer any questions you may have for when you decide is a good time. So swing by Hometown Structures, have some refreshments, and chat with us. We can’t guarantee that we will not try to sell you something but I can guarantee that your visit will be worth it!

So I say let spring bring on the mosquitoes and showers – we will be ready with our burgers and drinks in hand while we sit under our beautiful structures. Stop by on April 6, 7, or 8 and enjoy a burger and some laughs with us. And maybe soon we can help you to enjoy some time with friends and family under something like this…

Santa Fe pavilion
Santa Fe Pavilion – the newest addition to the family!

So, if April showers bring May flowers, what do May flowers bring you ask? The answer is simple: Pilgrims. But please let’s not talk about that because Pilgrims mean Thanksgiving, and Thanksgiving means winter is approaching. Let’s think about rosebuds and squirrels, while we sip on our ice cold drinks and sit under our beautiful pergola.